When food is toxic

Are you old enough to remember women having toxic shock from tampons?  Some women died.  Do you remember that?  I remember one of the woman who died lived in Texas, but that was . . . maybe early 70’s?  It turns out some women can’t wear tampons, though the common thought among the medical profession tied the introduction of the syndrome to a specific brand of tampon.  From personal experience, and based on what has happened with me, I would say it may also have been brought on by an allergic reaction to the materials of the tampon.  Before I hit menopause I had to be very careful what I used for sanitary napkins.  I had a supply of home made washable ones I used if I ran into trouble and needed something absolutely safe to wear while the infection on my crotch healed.  Getting an infection while having a period was really nasty.  If you got an infection internally while wearing a tampon, you wouldn’t know because the discomfort of the period masked the symptoms until they got hugely obvious.

Most people naturally carry staphylococcus bacteria.  Anything that weakens the body’s protections allows the bacteria to grow.  The healthier someone is, the more the body has to be weakened for the staph to get a good grip. Those of us with a compromised system (gluten intolerance and allergies) have to be extra careful.

Safeway is now making available to customers towelets of an antiseptic prep for wiping down the handles of the carts.  This stuff isn’t strong enough to kill staph, but it is strong enough to remove the good protective bacteria we all carry on our skin.  I am so allergic to that stuff that I break out in tiny blisters . . . blankets of them wherever I come in contact with that stuff.  I end up with raw patches with pin holes of infection.  Using triple antibiotic ointment, it can take up to two weeks to heal if I don’t immediately get the skin exfoliated.  It may be that I’m not allergic.  I may carry so much staph on my skin that the antiseptic prep’s removal of the good bacteria releases the staph to take hold.  I see this as another form of toxic shock.  I have the same reaction to self-carboning paper, but I’m pretty sure that’s just an allergic reaction.  I try to avoid places where they use it because the particles get airborne and I end up with what looks like acne on my face but isn’t.

So let’s extrapolate the toxic shock reaction brought on by tampon use.  The vagina is a lot like the inside of your digestive tract.  If you eat something which is toxic to your system, your digestive tract will have the same reaction.  For those of us who get constipated when things go south, we aren’t afforded the luxury of getting it out of our system quickly.  Its passage may not flatten the villi, but it’s still doing harm as it goes through.  My abdomen gets larger from the swelling and it takes days of probiotics to get everything back to normal.

Does that make sense?  It’s logical to me.  Look at the symptoms when we ingest something toxic.  Muscle ache, headache, lethargy, swollen abdomen. How do we fix it?  Careful eating and probiotics.

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