Thought Police

I’ve apparently got a bit of a problem with one of the moderators on the Celiac Support Yahoo list. Hmm.  Maybe I should say, one of the moderators has a problem with me.  If I discussed anything peripheral to Celiac Disease or anything without a direct doctor’s diagnosis or anything that can even vaguely be construed as an ad, the post doesn’t make it to the list. That sort of heavy-handed censoring always makes me wince.

I can understand the desire to limit the postings to celiac disease alone, but the condition has tentacles in so many different aspects of our lives.  Much of what we know we’ve learned from experience; this works, that doesn’t . . . and sharing it puts us all further ahead in getting and staying healthy.

Here is a list of the post that gotten killed (not posted) so far.

  • The previous post on toxic food.  I made a mistake and used “toxic” and “shock” together which caused the moderator to immediately leap to the conclusion I was saying I had toxic shock when in actual fact I said “some form of toxic shock.”  Notice the period at the end?  I did not say Toxic Shock Syndrome.  What I should have said was “toxic paralysis.”  “Shock” and “paralysis” are synonyms in my thesaurus, but the thought police went on high alert and had to post a link to a definition of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • I sent a post on how to tell if food is bad for you without swallowing.  (Just keep track of your heart beats per minute.  Put the food in your mouth, chew but do not swallow.  Stop chewing and check your pulse.  If your pulse rate has jumped, spit the food out and rinse your mouth out.)  Rather than check to see if this is an actual valid test that can be used to prevent ingesting something that will cause you problems, the moderator canceled the post and THEN went about seeing if it was a valid technique.  <sigh>  Don’t ask me why the post wasn’t simply held for moderation while the information was checked out.  I have not a clue.
  • I sent a post with a link to my website where there’s a link to a Word doc of the recipe for the maple syrup/baking soda prep for treating candida.  I was lazy.  I didn’t want to spend time looking up the link.  I got a notice that my post was rejected because it looked like an ad.  An ad?  Anyone visiting my site would know almost instantly I’m not selling a thing.  What I offer I offer freely, no exchange of funds or services required.
  • Because my Celiac’s disease lead to leaky gut which led to parasites in my blood, and because someone asked what type they were and if I had pictures, I posted links to a dark field microscope slide show showing blood borne parasites.  The post was not approved because it was “off topic” even though it was directly related to a previous post tied to Celiac’s and parasites.  <sigh>

I get kicked off lists occasionally.  You can see why.  The pen is mightier than the sword but not mightier than the moderator who is rigid or has tunnel vision.  While I may be verbally agile enough to decimate nearly any foe, the moderator always has the final say.  The power of the delete key rises above all.

Maybe the moderator has a point?  Maybe the people on the list aren’t smart enough to filter the information extended or aren’t able to take the information and apply it intelligently. <wince>  I hope that’s not the case.

Maybe I just have more faith in people’s innate intelligence.  I think they can filter out what will be something worth exploring and what is just detritus.  By denying my posts the moderator is taking away that choice, but she does have the power.  Such is life.

I know I don’t necessarily play well with others.  If someone messes with me, my natural reaction is to take out my pen and dice them to bits.  It isn’t until much later that I slow down and see what it was about what I’d done that caused them issue.  This is a long term personal failing on my part, but at my age I don’t see it being something that will change.  It’s leap . . . uh . . . oops?  <sigh>

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