Mel O

I have fibromyalgia. Basically, I am a train wreck. I have battled IBS for many years now. I have horrible migraines. My body aches most of the time and I run a low grade fever quite often. I have been doing some research and I keep returning to some type of cleanse is needed. The possibility of severe headaches and fatigue from a cleanse/detox added to the issues I am dealing with already, scares me to death. I am no longer able to work at this time. It all makes sense that this cleanse would help me in the long run….so why am I so nervous? I guess I just hear so many horror stories about colon cleansing. Please be honest with me, how did you feel during the process?

Since starting Colonix and Toxinout I have only had a couple days when I didn’t feel very well, but I’ve been doing a cleanse prior to finding the Dr. Natura products, so have a leg up on you. I, like you, was a train wreck before I started getting help. You sound so much like how I was a couple years ago. <BIG hug> It really sucks, doesn’t it? It’s like someone invisible is stealing your life.

I can’t recommend these product more strongly. They have literally given me my life back. You may have some tough times ahead as you cleanse your body because it’s in such tough shape now, but the tough times are definately worth it. I do want to advise you to go slow.

I hope you try Colonix at least. If you’re in really bad shape you might want to put off starting the Toxinout. If you do the first six weeks of Colonix and you’re doing okay and holding up reasonably well, try adding the Toxinout then.

Please keep me posted on how you’re doing.