Anon 2

I just started the kit this past weekend. Some questions:

I’m starting with 1/2 scoop mixed in with juice. I can’t get the grains to disintegrate. Always a bunch on bottom. I tried putting it in last tried putting it in glass first then juice. I still really fast for awhile then immediately drink it. the taste is okay just they grittiness is getting me. I can’t imagine when I use a whole scoop! Any suggestions?

<wince> All I can say is . . . you get used to it. You’ve gotta take it. It’s the part that grabs all the junk that doesn’t belong in your digestive tract and hauls it out once other things break it loose. It’s vital. It’s the bulk/scrub brush of the operation and a very important part of good digestive health.

I mix mine in a Tostitos salsa jar. I add the fiber in the bottom of the dry jar, add 8 oz of water, my cranberry concentrate and a little agave syrup to sweeten it just a touch, put the lid on and shake it hard, then drink it immediately. Terry and I have his and hers jars.

I’ve been taking fiber for quite a while now, so when I found the Colonix program I was already used to drinking it. The Colonix fiber has a lot of really good stuff in it. I’m not a fan of the taste of licorice, and that was the hard bit for me when I started taking it, but adding cranberry and agave has made the difference for me. I hope you can find the key for you.

I hope this helps.