Pricilla F

I was just reading alot of your emails and I am very impress with what you had to say because i brought the product and had many questions and i emailed customer service because i had flu like systems on my 5th day on the product and still experiencing a slight cough and i emailed them last month and i did not hear anything for them so i was very dissappointed, because i love the product but i wonder if i was sick because of the toxins being released or i just had a cold and i should take something for it, but i decided since i did not hear from them that i should wait it out and see what happens and i feel a whole lot better with a lot of energy but still is kinda curious of the flu like symtoms and i have a rash on my face that seems like it’s moving from my forehead to my lips and chin which is so weird because it itches like crazy. Could it be parasites in my faces? That’s why I was so impress with the way you responded to everyone. So hopefully i will hear from you!

I could be parasites . . . but, it might be fungus. I have had the itchiest scalp . . . not parasites, fungus. Same with ears and sinuses. Not parasites, fungus. That’s why head and shoulders shampoo helps. It totally dries out your scalp and changes the ph. Makes it unfriendly for the fungus to continue its business. That doesn’t cure the problem, just acts as a stopgap. It’s treating the symptoms, not curing the problem. If you don’t need Head and Shoulders, for heaven sake don’t use it. It’s killer on a healthy scalp.

I’ve got a rash answer for you. Try this. Go to the pharmacy and get Pretty Feet and Hands. It’s on the same aisle with the Dr. Scholls foot powder. It comes it a cute pink container (used to be a plain blue container, but they changed it recently) with the cap at the bottom. It’s a chemical exfoliant. I absolutely swear by this stuff when I get a rash of any kind. When I get a rash it’s because the dead skin has absorbed something I’m allergic to. If I can get the dead skin off, I can greatly shorten the length of time I have a rash. If I can do it quick enough after exposure, I can eliminate the blisters that come with some stuff I run into that’s really bad . . . like self-carboning paper. That stuff’s gross.

Here’s how you use it. Wash with soap and water and dry really well. Put a dime or nickel sized drop in your palm and pat (don’t rub) your hands together until you have it spread out a bit, then rub it onto your face. You’ll feel it go from a smooth lotion to a bumpy lotion. The bumpy bits are dead skin coming off your hands and face. It would be great if could tell the lotion to only work on your face, but smoother softer hands are also the result. Life is SO tough. Rinse, dry, repeat. The first time you use it, stick to forehead, cheeks and chin. Keep exfoliating until you have gotten rid of the majority of the rashy rough spots on your face. Wash your face again, pat dry and apply a really good quality healing moisturizer. Make it part of your regular shower. Wash your hair and face, dry face (still standing in the shower), apply PF&H, rub, rinse, repeat.

One more thing. If the cause of the rash is internal, removing the dead skin won’t hurt, it will allow the skin to more easily expel whatever’s causing the rash. If you aren’t happy with how the lotion works for you, don’t use it. For me, it’s the bees knees.

It sounds as if you’re on the right track. Flu like symptoms and aches and pains are normal. You just need to stick with the program. You’re looking at 60 – 90 days of some kinda tough going, but the end result is so worth it. If you get depressed or concerned, email me. I’m pretty much always here.

Thank you so much for replying so soon, and i will try the pretty feet and hands

I have had such a hard time in the past with rashes and blisters from things I’m allergic to. As my system has been cleaning, those reactions are going away. I just finished doing our taxes, which involves handling self-carboning paper. I had no reaction this time, where in the past I would have deep itchy pinhole blisters wherever the chemical got on my hands. Progress!

Wow that is amazing! I do know of some of my food allergies which is citrus. Do you think the grapefruit that’s in the herbal supplement can cause my face to react that way?

Hmm. I don’t know! My husband has problem with citrus and isn’t having any problem, but that doesn’t mean it works the same for you. Is it unbearable? Is it getting worse?

No not really! It’s just a weird feeling. And what’s weird about it is that I normally have good skin and now all of a sudden 1st my forehead breaks out and starts itching and than my checks, and now it’s around my lips and chin and it itches but it’s not unbearable and the ones on my forehead seems like it’s drying up and no it’s not getting worse, just annoying that it is there and when i talk to people i feel they are looking right at it and saying to themselves what is wrong with her but before they do i tell them that i’m doing a cleanse. So i guess i can deal with it!

It sounds like you’ve got a good handle on it. Let me know how it goes. Do try the PF&H and use a good quality healing moisturizer that doesn’t have mineral oil. Avocado oil is really good, if you can find a moisturizer with that. And if you do, let me know what you found. I’ve been looking but haven’t come up with one. The company that used to make the one I used is no longer in business. Darn.

Hi Nori! I’m doing good! How are you doing? But I still have this rash it has gone away since I talked to you , But has came back with a vengeance and I’m to scared to try anything for it, because it is soooooooooo sensitive so I have been just just dealing with it, But other than that I’m just Dandy!

Having skin problems is tough.  It’s the largest organ of the human body. When the body has to use the skin to expel toxins, it can get ugly.  I have a friend who just had a bout of shingles.  I really felt badly for her.  I want her to detoxify SO badly, but don’t know that I can even mention it without upsetting her.