Andrea H

I’m 30 years old and I just started the colonix program on the March 27, 2007. So I’m on my 7th day. well just to give a little back round on why I started this program, I mentioned that im 30, and I can’t remember when I was not constipated. I have never been regular. Up until know I go generally in the A.M. but the first couple of days was pretty good. I was going pretty solid and consistent. Like never before, now it’s not as solid, loose, and it comes out like diarrhea, I can’t tell cause it sinks t the bottom. Is this normal? and when will I see the real stuff come out? I also mix my fiber with 100% orange juice, do you recommend something else other than orange juice? Oh, I steep my tea for 3-5 min. Should I steep for longer? Cause I don’t feel any cramping in the morning. Any advice would help.

You won’t feel cramping in the morning. You’ll feel it at night when you’re in bed or before you go to bed. If you’re going nearly as soon as you get up in the morning, you’ve got it about right.

What you’re going through is fairly normal. You’ll have bouts of looser than normal stool on and off as your system cleans itself out and gets rid of the toxins and dead tissue lining your colon. The days where it’s real loose is when stuff has been exposed that’s bad enough your body wants to get rid of it reasonably quickly, so it adds water (or doesn’t remove water) from the large intestine so things move through and get eliminated more quickly. Because you’ve been constipated for so long (I have SO been there) there will be a period of adjustment as your body figures out how to behave normally.

You really have to be patient and wait for the cleansing to work. It doesn’t take days, it takes months. It took you years to get in the shape you’re in, and it will take a couple months, at least, to fix it. You’ll go through stages where you don’t feel good. There will be times when your stool is loose or stiff. You’ll have days where you feel wonderful and days when you don’t. You just have to be patient and stick with the program, even when nothing’s happening.

I mix my fiber with cranberry concentrate and agave syrup (the same stuff tequila’s made from). On the ElfNori/Colonix site a lady has listed various things she mixes with her fiber to make a breakfast shake. It’s page 34 or 35 or . . . it’s right there somewhere. You’ll need to experiment and see what works for you.

Let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help. If you have questions at any time just email me and I’ll do my best to give you useful answers.

I’m great. This program has finally started working for me the way I had been hoping. I was about to give up on the program because I was not getting the results I wanted. Then I went back to your website and the colonix site, and started reading the testimonials again. One stood out to me where an individual was having the same experience as me (not getting results) and when I read that you actually have to look at it, and not just glance you will notice. So I did and little did I know I was having results long before I realized. So I went ahead and ordered two more months. I’m really happy, and thanks to your helpful advice on you website I didn’t give up.

So how are you and your husband doing? I hope well!

Awesome! <grin> I think most people don’t realize they need to break apart the stool to see what’s there. Unless they do, there’s no way to tell what’s all compacted together. We expect it to come out looking like it does in the pictures, but it doesn’t. It comes out all compacted together in a log, and until we break it apart we don’t know what’s there.

I’m so excited for you! Stay in touch, please.