Michelle and Phil

I’ve just spent the last hour reading through your first ten pages of emails on your website – amazing stuff. I’ve had candida most of my life, I think, but it only boiled over in the last 4 years. I thought I had it pretty under control with enzymes and Jordan Rubin’s probiotics (Primal Defense) but this past week I’ve had three really bad reactions. Usually a reaction (feels like terrible bladder infection, painful and swollen colon, diarrhea, burning) lasts 3-4 hours, but this went on/off for three days. It seems I can’t eat anything without getting sick. I’m feeling like my only option is the Lord healing me because I can’t do what I need to make it right. (which would be great, but I get the feeling he’s trying to teach me something…) anyway, I found this site, and orderd the colonix and probiotics. I’m a little afraid to try it- one of the new symptoms I”ve had in the last year is anxiety/anxiety attacks/irrational fears/tightness in my chest. Not pain and sweating and heart related things, I’ve checked this out, just tight- like I can’t get a deep breath unless I try really hard. I’m always breathing deep. the anxiety thing freaks me out – I”ve never been an anxious person. I took a bowel cleanse my chiropractor gave me and was up for three hours praying through a terrible anxiety attack. But I did another bowel cleanse – called “para-factors” from our little health food store, and it worked great, I saw lots of strange things. but it was only a four week thing, and the anxiety stopped totally, but here I am several weeks later and the anxiety and chest pressure is back, along with all the candida stuff and constipation. during a reaction (my own term coined after these years of dealing with this) everything loosens up, but otherwise, I’m almost always constipated, having a bm every 1-3 days. I exercise, don’t eat sugars, drink a ton of water with chlorophyll, take my supplements and enzymes, but if I mess up with sugar, all this happens. It seems something is missing. I too have had terrible experiences with doctors – one holistic md helped a bit, but she kept asking me what we should do – she didn’t know. So basically I paid her a few thousand dollars to listen to me and then let me diagnose myself.

I just realized how hilarious it is to be emailing a stranger with my digestive issues. !

Any thoughts you might have after hearing this extremely short version of my story and symptoms would be HUGE. Has the parasite cleanse helped your candida issues? Did you ever experience the panicky/tightness in chest stuff? I have 4 children that I home school and my husband and I minister to college students and I have a great business besides, and I really want to live healthy. thanks!

Please PLEASE do the Toxinout with your Colonix. It wasn’t until I started doing a toxin cleanse that I started seeing really good results. Colonix is awesome, but the pair are fabulous. That’s my personal opinion, of course. I started with Colonix after being on WholeApproach.com’s candidase cleanse. I was into it six month when I found Dr. Natura. I really do think the two Dr. Natura programs works better/faster/more completely.

I am getting better. Like you, I have a reaction when I do sugar. Not agave syrup, but cane or corn sugar. Beet sugar isn’t too bad, but I still react. Date is as bad as cane or corn.

You might consider getting capryol to put in with your fiber. It’s an oil based anti fungal. I get it through wholeapproach.com. Give yourself a month on the colonix, then see what adding the caproyl for a month does. I’ve been off the capryol for almost 120 days, and I’m going to take it again with the last month of colonix.  I’m max better, but I want this stuff totally gone, just not under control. I know you know just what I mean.

I had done a complete parasitic cleanse before I found Dr. Natura, but I did the parasite cleanse anyway. As the layers of plaque are removed more parasites are exposed. I didn’t want to take a chance that any were still wiggling. Dead and gone is way better.

So what happens when you “react”?

My ears start running. Before I started my fungus cleanse I had way more problems than that, but I’ve got it pared down to sinuses and ears running. I used to have the darn stuff everywhere. Athlete’s foot so bad I had open sores, scalp that itched 24/7, open sores in my ears.

Frankly, I’m kind of afraid to do both together. Like the detox will be way too much. I thought I’d do a month of colonix with the probiotics and see whats what, then maybe add the toxin cleanse. everything’s been too crazy lately….

Yes, excellent idea, give yourself a month with just the Colonix program.

You know what, actually my husband convinced me to just do it all. so I called customer service and they gave me the stuff for the same price that I would have gotten it had I ordered it all together.

You go, girl! <grin>

I recommended Caproyl by Amagram and I’ve got to take that recommendation back. They’ve switched from an olive oil base (good for you) to a canola oil base (very bad for you). Don’t, please.

no worries- I found a good one at my local health food store. I’ve been on colonix for a few weeks now and I feel a lot better, although I haven’t really seen anything strange 🙂 I plan to do 3 months, and then get my husband through it. No candida reactions since I started, either.

I was so disappointed they changed the formula. <shaking head>

The reaction I have is from sugar, not from the Colonix program. I’m sorry if I gave you a different impression.

no problem! I am doing so much better….I think the anxiety issues were parasite related – both times I’ve done a cleanse, I’ve felt like I’ve gotten my head back. I’m a writer, and I’m working on a simple e-document entitled “What the Heck is Wrong with Me?!” for my business- if you’re interested, once it’s finished, I’ll email it.

Absolutely! Please!

It’s been such a long struggle to get my health back. I think I’m almost there, and it’s very exciting. I am doing more, my brain is working better, I’m less emotional, I have more energy, stuff is healing that’s been broken for decades. I’ve been working on house plans for almost a decade, without the energy or the ability to do anything about actually building a house. This year I think I can start. I’m so jazzed I’m sure I’m hard to live with sometimes.

It’s great to talk to someone who’s been on the same journey. Noone who hasn’t walked in our shoes can truely understand what we’ve gone through.

How are you doing?

I’m doing much better. I feel like I’ve got my head back. Nothing real shocking in the cleanse if you know what I mean, but I feel so much better. I”m on the last half of my third month. No weight loss, sad, but I’ll keep working on that anyway.  and I haven’t had any candida flare ups during this cleanse, and my acne seems to finally have gone. hopefully for good. makes me wonder if it was parasites all along.   I’ll probably do this cleanse a few times a year. thanks so much for checking in!

I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better. Stay on the fiber when your cleanse is over. It has herbs in it that will continue to help your candida.

My right ear still runs a little bit and occasionally breaks out in sores, but over time it’s decreasing. My waist is much smaller. The amount of weight I’ve lost isn’t significant, but I’m not yet willing to change the way I eat, so I must accept the result. All in all, I do feel tremendously better, with much more energy, so I think the cleanse was a very good thing.

I agree – a great thing!