Barbara O

I have read all the testimonials and am convinced that this product works. I want to order it but am afraid of what can happen. I work full time and am concern that if I must go to the bathroom at work (it is a public restroom used by all the females who work here) the smell will be too horrible for anyone who comes in before or after me. Another concern is can a regular toilet take what is evacuated from with me without clogging? I realize you must get a lot of email. Please answer my inquiry.

Smell should not be an issue. It certainly isn’t for me. And clogging should not be an issue. Are they tank toilets or pressure toilets?


So you can only flush once or flush and then sit there while it fills before you can flush again.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I’m still reading all the testimonials but now feel braver about ordering.

If you have questions or concerns just let me know and I’ll help you if I can.