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I’ve been reading your website and page 28 (Tamie C) touches on the exact question I had. The pictures on the Colonix website looks like actual “guts”. I’m also afraid that this may be harmful. I know if I ask my doctor she will tell me not to depend on something that I order over the Internet. Which in many ways make sense. I’m skeptical about the safety of products that has not been evaluated by the FDA. I would feel better if I would buy it in a store. Where can I found more information about the colon needing to shed it’s lining on a regular basis? I believe this will help me make a decision to order. I have tried colon cleanse from the vitamin store but they didn’t do anything and I certainly didn’t pass anything that look like what I’ve seen on the website. I have a bowel movement once a day, but it’s sometime hard and I have a fat stomach that won’t go down (I look at least 4 months pregnant) as well as leg weakness for damage nerves in spine, and no energy. Your comments would be really appreciated. I just don’t want to take something that may cause internal damage or even worst, kill me.

Find and read Bernard Jensen’s “Guide to Better Bowel Care”. He’s a doctor and the acknowledged authority on colon diseases and colon cleansing. If he can’t convince you, nobody can. You might be able to get it through the library, but you’re probably better off trying to find it used at Amazon or Check both places to see where you can get the best deal. If you can’t get it used you can get it new. Colonix/Toxinout do a really good job cleaning the colon and detoxifying the system. I have done other cleanses with nowhere near the result. I hope everyone who tries it has the same success I do. has Dr. Jensen’s book for $8.97. They also have his older book, but you really do want the one I’ve mentioned above.
Amazon has Dr. Jensen’s book for $6.87. They also have a bunch of other books, but see my above caveat.

Yell if there’s anything I can do to help. I’m usually here (I work online) and will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Thank you for your quick response! You should be getting royalties from the Colonix company for answering all of our questions. I will get to book. Does Dr. Jensen’s book mention the Colonix product or endorse it in anyway? I know that colon cleansing is a good thing to do but I’m concerned about the product itself and it ingredients.

Dr. Jensen’s book was written in 1998, I think. The colonix system is based in part on his work, but came after his book was published.

If you have doubts, don’t try it. I think you’re missing a great opportunity to solve some problems, but it ultimately must be your call.