Jon from England

I saw your email address on the colonix website.

I’m 33 years old and live in England. I have an awful
digestive system (lots of gastric reflux), lots of phlegm (sometimes
containing blood), intestinal paraistes (which I emit whenever i take
parasite herbs but never fully eliminate).

I don’t have constipation and never have had but feel better after a bowel
movement. I get shaky muscles in my arms and legs.

I am interested in taking colonix.

Why do you recommend it?
Do you sell it?
What else have you tried?


Shaky arms and legs sound like toxins . . . That’s not good.

I have been under the care of a CNT for about 4 years. I’ve done a number of different cleanses, the latest was’s yeast cleanse. It was okay, but doesn’t do the quality cleanse I am getting with the Colonix and Toxinout programs. I evidently had more toxins in my body than I realized. I think it may have been the key to why I was getting better so slowly.

I don’t sell Dr. Natura products. I’m not connected to the company in any way, other than as a customer. I’ve got one more month to go on my Dr. Natura cleanse. I feel really good, but because my system was so horribly messed up I will have to be careful. I wish this kind of system had been around in my 30’s when I could have cleansed my system and stopped the problems. To bad life isn’t like the movies where they get retakes.

The problem with parasites is . . . they hide. And their eggs hide. And they become immune to what you take to get rid of them. When I started doing antiparasitics I took the trio (wormwood, ground clove and extract of . . . darn it, can’t remember). After that I took Rascal. Maybe between the trio and Rascal I took something else. I can’t remember. Just doing an herbal cleanse you’re not going to get rid of all the parasites. They tuck themselves between the layers of plaque in your colon, and they lay eggs. You have to clean your colon to get rid of the layers they and their eggs hide in. If you have leaky gut parasites end up in other parts of your body via your bloodstream. I have video of dead parasites in my blood. <shiver> It’s a fine consolation that they’re dead.

I’m glad you’re working on your problems while you’re still relatively young. I think everyone should go through the 90 day cleanse and do a one month cleanse once a year every year thereafter. I wish I’d known at 30 what I know now.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

what makes you think the muscle shakiness is toxin related? I have never been able to work it out. It was MUCH worse when i was on an anti candida diet (with restricted diet) when the weight just fell off me leaving me quite frail. I dont want to go back to that. I doubt it was ‘die off’ as it lasted for eight months. It could even be muscle tiredness as I don’t seem to get it when I am away on holiday taking it easy definitely have parasites though, no question. I even put a few in a pot and sent it to a tsting lab and they still couldn’t find them!

Little white stringy things that come out whren i have parasite herbs.

Our bodies accumulate toxins a variety of ways, one of which is our industrialized lifestyles. We pump our own gas, change our own oil, drive in smog, breath exhaust fumes, use chemicals to rid our environment of weeds and bugs. We use chemicals to clean our houses, and if we’re really unfortunately, are exposed to chemicals where we work. On top of all that, parasites and candida control our body chemically. The chemicals they produce are toxins to our bodies. I think and annual detox is a must just for our lifestyles!

You did your anti-candida diet without encorporating a cleanse, didn’t you. When you kill off candida you exponentially increase the free toxins in your body. Without something to detoxify your system you’re not going to feel or do well. JMPO. >hugs>

If you do the Colonix and Toxinout programs, do the Colonix program for at least a couple weeks before you start the Toxinout program. And start slow. Don’t double anything. Increase more incrementally, by one capsule, not two, by 1/4 scoop, not a half scoop. Wait 10 days instead of 5. Your health is compromised and you aren’t going to get better overnight. You’re going to have bad days while your system tries to right itself. Take it slow. Write and let me know how you’re doing.

I feel better now than I ever remember feeling. Looking back, I can see I had problems from when I was a small child. My poor mother was clueless about my health issues or her own. I don’t know how far I can get in repairing the damage, but I’m going to continue to work at it.

what problems did you have? Are they all gone now? Actually, I have tried psyllium husk before now for a sustained period.

I’ve been plaqued by injuries that don’t heal, low energy, fuzzy brain, migraines. And while they’re not completely gone (I still have a couple weeks yet to go), they are enormously better. I have stuff healing that was broken decades ago.

It isn’t so much the fiber as the whole program. Each part of the program does a different job, and all the stuff works in concert to remove plaque and parasites. The Toxinout program, added to the mix, helps rid the body of toxins.

I hope all this helps you.