Anon 4

I enjoyed reading your story on the Colonix Testimonial page.  I am happy that you used other colon cleansing products and found that you get the best results with Colonix.  I have used about 5 different ones.  The first time I thought they were great, but as I continued to use them the results were less

Now I must try something new and I want to try Colonix.  Your story has inspired me.

I am SO glad!  The difference truly is amazing.  I’m really interested to hear what you have to say after you’ve been on the program a while.  I started noticing results almost immediately.

As you’ve already done some cleansing, take both the Colonix and the Toxinout together. Most people don’t realize the process of cleaning the large intestine and supporting organs kills parasites and fungus which releases toxins.  Getting the toxins properly flushed helps speed the process along.

I just ordered both the Clonix and the Toxinout. I am looking forward to a cleaner body, flatter tummy and I hope this is the key to unlock the mystery of how to make the brown splotches disappear from my face. They appeared several years ago during a time when I was under heavy stress and eating junk food everyday in an office.

Stephen, another person I converse with, says that’s one of the first things he noticed, that the splotches had gone away on his face and were disappearing on his hands and arms. The email I got from him is one of the last postings on that page. I’m hoping the same for you!

This is wonderful. I have already visualize clear skin again. The post he sent to you confirms it for me that I have finally selected the right product. (And I haven’t even received it yet!)

I love this. My faith is very strong on this.

Also, I can relate to what this gentleman said: “though I have daily bowel movements — never feel empty after my toilet”.

I wonder if this is an indication that you definitely have parasites and that they padded the colon and small intestine area?

I don’t know, but I do find it interesting.

I’ve always had constipation problems. My initial cleanse with got me regular, but didn’t do anything about eliminating the plaque. If the plaque doesn’t go away, neither does the fungus or the parasites. Even on Colonix and Toxinout, it’s a balancing act for me as I’m cleansing. I find the tea is essential for things to move along as they’re supposed to. Others who have always been regular don’t need it every day, but I do. In the beginning I had to brew the tea strong and drink it all. Once the tea started loosening my bowels to the point it was too soft in the middle of the day, I backed off.

As my colon gets cleaner I need less tea. Instead of brewing in individual cups, we’re brewing using a single Kleritea bag in a pot with a Red Rose teabag and we share the result. That works great. Terry really loves the taste, I love how it works. Now I can brew it strong but 2/3 is enough to do the same job for me. Terry drinks the remaining third, as that’s all he needs. He’s always been regular.

It really is all about balance, understanding what the different parts of the program do and how to use them to maximize the result for your personal physiology.

I hope this helps.