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Your site has helped me put aside the negative voices. I have been looking for something to recommend for an adult son (22) with IBD and high functioning ASD, and a teen daughter (15) that has within the last year had a seizure disorder. I made the decision to try the Colonix on myself to check out the safety of it. I am on my 4th day and everything is working properly. I have never had any medical issues except migraines, and those I have eliminated with the use of magnesium. The three of us have gone GFCFSFCF for a few months now, but I know my daughter has a constipation issue, and perhaps a yeast issue. My son I recommended a good probiotic to get his intestinal tract a bit healthier. He has had bleeding for sometime now, and says that when he stays on the diet he is fine. However, if he choses the wrong meal he has a bloody BM. I don’t want him to use Colonix, if he has any irritation. I do think he is due for a toxic cleanse, since in doing my research I found that ASD can have occurred because of toxicity of vaccines. The IBD might also have occurred due to the virus’ laying dormant in the stomach. Lots of issues that would help with a clean intestinal tract. My daughter might be helped because the toxicity in the system can trigger seizures. Of course I am not a medical practitioner, but this diagnosis is a result of hours of research and my educated common sense. I am happy so far with my personal results, and if there is some weight loss due to this, I would be fine with that. Playing the guinea pig and hoping for mental clarity in the process. At 50 one must do whatever one can to remain healthy.

I’m not familiar with some of your abbreviations. ?

As to whatever we can do to stay or get healthy at 50, absolutely. I wish my son and future daugher-in-law would both do a cleanse, but spitting in the wind isn’t a favorite hobby.

I had an interesting epiphany the other day. I was doing research and ran across a reference to the Colonix fiber “creating” the plaque we see. I thought that was interesting. Then I started looking very closely at the plaque. I can see a difference between the masses that come out that are largely fiber and those that are actual intestinal plaque. The fiber masses have caught and held stuff that looks old.

Sorry, I have been on yahoo groups too long.
IBD = Inflammatory Bowel Disease (not diagnosed but due to the blood in the stool, it is my first thought)
ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorder (my son has very high functioning Asperger Syndrome which is on that spectrum)
GFCFSFCF = gluten free, casein free, soy free, corn free

I don’t see any plaque, but then again it has only been four days and I wasn’t having any distress before starting this. I am wondering from your epiphany if it matters whether or not you drink it with just juice or water, or if you blend it into a smoothie that has 3-4 different fruits. The fiber is then mixed with something rather than being dumped into the drain pipes to sit and form lumps. I do think the fiber must be acting like a scrub for these “pipes” and collecting over time the build up.

I have no idea what plaque looks like, but I am aware that many folks have yeast issues. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were taught this in health class……eeew. I think we can just be a mentor to our kids, and when they see we can turn our health around so will they. I continued to send my son info that I had found about IBD and the diets. I even have been in contact with a vet whose website is an education. Eliminating certain “foods”, can have a huge impact on health, both physical and emotional.

Thanks for the explanation on the abbreviations! That helps!

You might not see any plaque until the start of your second month, after the 5 day break from Paranil.

I don’t know if mixing the fiber is best. I mix with water, cranberry concentrate and a bit of agave. That seems to work for me.

I do agree, our education is so lacking. We don’t realize how the body works until it doesn’t work. We should have a human anatomy class in high school with emphasis on the digestive and waste systems.

These concern me:

You do realize ANYONE can post to a wikipedia? I would not use them as a guide for anything concerning something as important as your health. If you have concerns about the bowel, how it works and what we need to do to keep it healthy, you’d best find someone who is an expert. In lieu of that, read Dr. Jensen’s “Guide To Better Bowel Care”. It’s not the only bowel care book out there, but it is a very good one.

As to the quackwatch posting, this is also something I would take with a large grain of salt. A pathologist is not someone who works on a live human. They cut up and test tissue on dead people. They do an important job, but as a profession, they are not experts on the colon and how it works.

I have come to realize doctors are very like mechanics. There are a handful who are brilliant, who specialize and can make leaps of logic, but in general doctors are just average people with average intelligence trying to do a very complex job. In my mother’s last bout of colitis she got an average joe and died.

In my past consultations with doctors I have faired poorly. I didn’t find out until I was in my 30’s I was allergic to wheat. I had been to a number of doctors for the symptoms, but no joy. I had to find the answer on my own. I even had surgery to have my bladder lifted when the real culprit to the incontinence was a prolapsed transverse colon pressing on my bladder.

If we had known growing up what I know now, life would have been very different for all of us. I would not have a morbidly obese brother and a sister so infested with parasites and yeast she’s on permanent disability because her brain doesn’t function properly.

I’ve seen x-rays of colons so stretched out of shape they aren’t recognizable as colons and heard horror stories of people with diverticulitis who lost sections of their colon in surgery due to infection. I know a lovely young man who has crones disease who now poops in a bag because the only answer was to remove the damaged portions of his intestine.

I know a lady whose intestine is so coated with plaque the outline of her colon is visible, even through her clothing. She’s had tremendous health problems, the last of which was a bout of shingles. Because she has no foundation in naturapathic health and colon cleansing, she will not take my advice regarding the efficacy of a cleansing. I am going to watch this woman’s health slowly deteriorate and I am going to watch her die because she has a doctor who is not able to think outside the box he bought at medical school.

I have to go by empirical evidence as to the effectiveness of the Colonix colon cleansing program. I have been on cleanses that do little, and one that does much. The Colonix/Toxinout programs rock. The difference in my health, the difference in my husband’s health, is testimony to the effectiveness of these programs.

I guess that is why it surprised me, because if anyone can post, then why isn’t it a more balanced page. I like the fact that anyone can post. Yet I hear what you are saying and I know I need to do more research on my own on this particular subject. 

We have been dealing with a scary situation with my daughter that if it weren’t for all of the internet research I did I would be clueless. I also had to find out on my own, and have been thanked by the recent doctor for educating him.

I have to say the specialists that I have met with are so specialized they can not see the who person. I think you and I are in agreement that doctors are in over their heads in most areas, and rely on the power of the prescription pad.

So now I have knowledge of autism,seizures and will soon have intestinal knowledge.

Thank you for walking all of us through this.

It’s just SO frustrating. Why did I have to find out so late in life? I’m a bit pissed that I had so many years I couldn’t DO things because of poor health. I’m going to make the most of the rest of them now that I can.

If I hadn’t already done the research I would have been clueless when Terry got sick. If I hadn’t known what I know, I would not have had the knowledge to step in and fix the problem. If it had not been treated immediately and agressively, he would have been on antibiotics and would have probably had to have surgery.