Anon 6

I’ve enjoyed reading your website devoted to the DrNatura products. I’m thinking seriously about doing the cleanse myself but wanted to toss a couple of questions your way first. As it’s now June, I’m thinking you’re finished with your three month cleanse and I’m curious to know whether the final outcome is what you had hoped for. As an herbalist, I’m also curious to know whether you’ve experienced any difficulties ‘getting regular’ again after discontinuing the laxative tea. This is certainly one of my main concerns as I’ve never actually had a problem with regularity (my bowels already do their job 3 – 5 times a day) and I don’t want to create a problem where one doesn’t exist. I’ve done colon cleanses in the past but never with the kind of results people are claiming to have with this one. I’d be grateful for any feedback you have.

Yes, I’m done with the 90 day cleanse, and I’m really doing great. Before I tell you what I’m doing and how I’m doing, it’s important for you to understand what I was like before I started getting healthy. I was so backed up I could not count on regular bowel movements. In my youth (I’m fifty now, so anything under 35 is the time frame of which I speak) I would go every couple weeks, so I obviously have a system that’s pretty toasted. I didn’t get regular until I did a number of things. I stopped eating wheat. Then about 10 years later I stopped eating soy. Soy is really sneaky and is in a lot of things you wouldn’t expect. Now I’m pretty regular, but it takes nothing, the smallest amount of allergen, to plug me up. The amount of wheat or soy that upsets my system is ridiculously small, which I find VERY annoying.

So, to keep things moving, I’m doing a couple things. I’m doing a colonic a couple times a week. I don’t have a schedule. If I start to feel yucky or sluggish, I’ll do one. The more able I am to stay away from soy, the longer I go between colonics.

I brewed the Kleritea 8 or 10 minutes in a really big coffee cup, then drink half that every night. I stopped drinking it at the end of my 90 days, and for me that wasn’t a good thing. For Terry, it’s fine. He’s like you and doesn’t need it. When I started back on it I lost some more plaque, so it’s something I must do, at least for now.

I still have a couple stiff spots on the fronts of my thighs about 4-6 inches above my kneecaps which tells me I’ve still got something stuck or some plaque hanging around in my intestine. The good news . . . the spots are no longer painful, so that’s progress.

I think every adult should do the full cleanse at least once, then do a one month cleanse once a year. For people like me who are pretty toasted after a life of disfunction, the three month cleanse needs to be repeated every six months until the system is truly cleaned out. I’m not there yet, but I’m close.

I hope all this helps.