Priscilla in Canada

My name is Priscilla and I live in Canada.  I bought the product but now I’m afraid to try it.  I can’t imagine all that stuff coming out of my body.  I shiver at the thought of the all those testimonies I read on drnatura website….eeeeuk!

What can you say to me that will put me at ease regarding this product.

Okay, think about this. If you DON’T do it, all that dead dirty yucky stuff is inside you, hanging around being toxic. And, it’s going to continue to grow and build if you don’t do something about it. Do you want it in, or do you want to get it out so you can be healthier? When it’s out you don’t have to look or know, just flush. Gauge your progress by how you feel, not what you see.

I hope this helps. I can’t say enough good things about the system. I’m healthier. I weigh less. I feel better all the time. I have more energy. My brain works REALLY well, which rocks. I’m less emotional. I sleep better. My bladder works better. There IS no downside for me.

I’m not unique. You’ll hear a lot of people say the same things. I’ve had a very few (only one I can think of off the top of my head) who had to stop for health reasons.

I hope I helped.

Just received your e-mail. Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate it. You are absolutely correct “I don’t have to look or know”. It’s very good advice to measure ones progress on how they feel.

I would like to ask you one more thing, does it come out dead…you know, all the stuff inside of you?

Thank you so much for your advice. It’s invaluable to me.

Yes, it comes out dead. It’s dead inside you! The parasites might not be dead, because what you’re taking to get rid of them doesn’t necessarily KILL them, it just puts them to sleep so they let go and get eliminated with everything else going out. But they’re so tiny, or they’re buried inside the fecal matter, so you probably won’t see them unless they’re really big (unusual).

I’ve started on Colonix on June 23. I’ve had wonderful bm’s since. Gradually, I am beginning to feel better.

I talked to their customer service and they advised me not to use Toxinout until the second month but I am taking Flora Protect along with the Colonix.

I have not seen anything stringy or rubbery yet but perhaps it will occur when I begin the toxinout along with colonix on the second month.  Could you comment on that.  I know it’s gradually cleaning my insides because I see old feces daily.

I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better!  It does take a while to get everything cleaned out. I can’t believe the difference. I feel so much better all the time.

You should notice changes when you start the toxinout, but you’ll really notice a change after you take the five day break at the start of your second month.

I appreciate you keeping me informed on how you’re doing.

Thank you for your prompt reply and your invaluable advice.  I was so afraid to begin this program but with your help it’s all so easy.  Thank you.

I’m really glad I can help.

I just could not forget the comment you made today regarding toxinout.  You said it works well after you begin the second month especially after the 5 day absentance from colonix and starting up the second month.

Is that when the debris is expelled from ones body?  I suppose the toxinout is potent, is it really potent?

Thank you Nori, I appreciate any education you have on that.  To tell you the truth, I feel you are holding my hand through this and I sincerely appreciate it.

You’re probably already expelling plaque, you just aren’t recognizing it. Are you breaking apart your bm’s to see what’s there? When I was dumping plaque it was the first bowel movement in the morning. When broken apart I could see the string and tubes of plaque wrapped around old fecal matter.

If you aren’t already dumping plaque, the off then on again of the Paranil may be the impetus that causes things to start breaking loose.

When you start the Toxinout, you may have aches and feel flu-like symptoms. If at all possible, try and stick it out. The unpleasantness shouldn’t be bad, but if you’re having trouble, I’d advise you talk to Dr. Natura support for detailed advice.

No, I haven’t examined any of my bm’s or I haven’t broken them apart. However, they do not look normal so I believe it is plaque. I’ve noticed strings several times and, yes, it looks like stuff wrapped around old fecal matter.

It’s successfully cleaning my colon and I’m happy for that. Yes, the off and on again of Paranil will get things going and that will be excellent.

Thank you for your information regarding Toxinout and the flu-like symptoms while taking it. I know what to expect. My belly is shrinking!!! I’m very happy about that. I’m looking forward to going on to the second month of Colonix and Toxinout together because, apparently, they work very well together.

How have you been doing?

I’ve begun the second phase of the program and I passed stuff I’ve seen in the picture gallery. I’m happy that it’s working. This program is worth every penny I’ve paid to DrNatura. It certainly is a wonderful product.

On thing I noticed, I have a lot of heartburn. I’m so happy to finally get rid of this stuff that’s been causing me problems!

I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well. Makes you want to do a continual happy dance, doesn’t it!

If you’ve got heartburn there are a number of things to consider. A digestive enzyme may help. Are you taking Toxinout? Detoxigreen has some enzymes in it, and its supposed to be taken with meals. For me that’s not quite enough, so I take Nature’s Life Digestive Enzyme Aid. Dr. Natura also has a digestive enzyme. I haven’t tried it, but if it’s as good as the rest of their stuff, it might be worth considering.

If you have an acidy stomach you are possibly not producing enough hydrochloric acid. I know I don’t. I take Biotics Research Betain Plus HP. The person who advises me said to take enough to make my stomach feel “warm”. ? I take 3 or 4 each time I eat meat and carbs. More for a bigger meal. Don’t know if that’s right, but it works for me.

Make SURE you’re drinking enough water. If your body is deprived of sufficient water to aid digestion it may cause a concentration of acid in your stomach as your body tries to digest your food.

And, finally, you may be eating something your system doesn’t want/need or can’t handle. If I get an acidy stomach (bear in mind I’m taking all the above; betain, digestive enzyme and sufficient water throughout the day), I know I’ve eaten something to which my body is intolerant. I drink more water and wait it out and try to be sure I don’t eat whatever it was again. I absolutely have to stay away from wheat, soy, cane sugar. Everything else I’m pretty okay with as long as it’s relatively chemical free.

My problem isn’t acid stomach, though I have had that in the past. I have a section of my large intestine which hasn’t yet gotten clean. Occasionally I’ll have another section of plaque come out, usually after I’ve had a sore back for a couple days and feel all plugged up. I’m hoping the next cleanse I do will get more of this stuff out. The final 2/3 of my large intestine is good, and getting healthier all the time. But just below where my small intestine goes into my large intestine I still have issues. When stuff starts hanging around in that area I feel as if I have undigested food in my stomach, even if my stomach’s completely empty. I still have parasite issues and I know it’s because they still have a place to hide. I just started another round of parasitic. As to the still retained plaque, I’ll do another complete cleanse in another month or two and see how it goes. I SO wish I’d known all this 20 years ago.

Yes, it’s probably something I ate causing my heartburn. It’s gone today. It was probably something my system could not handle and I know not to eat it again. Yes, I was grateful all day long (singing and smiling) for buying drnatura’s products because it’s doing what it says it will do for my intestinal area.

I bought a recipe book from “Wildrose”. A friend of mine recommended I buy it because their recipes are very good. Check it out at It called “Herbal D-Tox Cookbook for Cleansing” and it has recipes for breakfast, dressings and dips, entrees, salads, side dishes and soups. I think they may have some on their website.

I’m drinking 8-8oz. glasses of water a day and I was eating something my system could not handle giving me the heartburn…..I know not to eat that again.

It is my earnest hope the three-month program will leave my intestinal area parasite free and healthy. I will continue to do colonix and toxinout twice a year, every six months. It’s a way of life for me and I too wish I’d have known about this years ago. We could expect longevity in our lives for using it. I believe it extends a person’s life expectancy compared to a person who has not been on the program.