Anon 7

I was also worried about the program in the beginning. I would have relatively no bowel movements or very small ones for the first six days. I had severe gas/contraction pains on the 6th day which lasted for more than 4 hours, but then I had the urge and with it came four independent bowel movements. That was the start of something wonderful!! I also learned that I needed to steep my tea for upwards of 30-40 minutes to get results. Now, it’s like clockwork. Just waiting for the ugly stuff to start coming out, I am on Day 17.

There is hope for those out there just starting the program.

My question to you: How do you know if you have Candida yeast infection? Are there typical signs, etc. Can you explain the bleach test for parasites, worms that I read in one of your pages on the website?

I’m so pleased that I found your WebPages, it answered a lot of questions matter of factly and I know I’m on the right track.

I am SO pleased to hear you’re doing so well! You should eventually be able to taper off on the tea and possible do away with it completely, but that’s a way down the road yet. You’ve got to get cleaned out first.

Candida. If you’re a woman, assume you have candida. If you’ve had badly impacted bowels for years, definately assume you have candida. It’s not whether you have it, it’s how badly do you have it and how far has it spread outside your digestive tract.

Bleach test. Someone else mentioned the bleach test. If you let me know the number of the page I’ll ask that person and see what they say.

I’ve finished my 90 days and only have bits and pieces of plaque showing up occasionally. I am currently trying to figure out how to fix a badly distended rectum. It will fill up very easily and presses on my blader when it does, which isn’t comfortable. Because I spent so many years loaded up with unmoving stuff, parts of my digestive tract are badly stretched out of shape. I’m hoping just keeping everything cleaned out and taking care of myself will allow things to return to a more natural shape with healthy muscle tone. Arg. Overall, though, I’m doing really well, but am learning that getting things cleaned out isn’t the end, it’s just the first huge step to getting things fixed. I’m still working on the candida. No ice cream, no sugar, easy on the fresh fruit . . . I think I’m going to do another round of candidase as well to see if that’ll get me a little further along. All in all, though, I’m doing wonderfully better.

It’s good to hear from you. Stay in touch.