Anon 8

I haven’t heard from anyone in a while, but I think that’s largely my fault as I haven’t sent a querying email to see how people are doing.

I’m continuing to improve. I’m taking the Colonix fiber every day or every other day. My system does better when I take it, so I take it. My general health is improving.

I had a bit of a setback when I tried to use up some other fiber I had. I mixed Sonne 9 with some Primal Defense fiber (this is good stuff and an excellent fiber to use as an alternate to Colonix) and was doing awful . . . slow bowels, lethargy, bloating . . . until I started reading labels. The Sonne 9 is largely soy flour. <rolls eyes at self> How dumb can a girl get. So I mixed the Sonne 9 with some crushed herbal cleanse tablets for Terry to use up and went back to Colonix. I’ve noticed for him it doesn’t matter what the fiber is as long as it’s fiber. He doesn’t have the candida issues, he just needs the bulk.

Just a quick word on the Primal Defense fiber. I think it’s important to alternate occasionally. There are things in the Primal Defense that are different from what the Colonix fiber contains. The Primal Defense comes in a much smaller container, so I switch to the Primal Defense between every three or four Colonix. I think of it as an intestinal wakeup, jolting my system to notice things that could work better.

I just finished an easy liver cleanse that was very productive. I got the cleanse from my CNA. It’s apple juice twice a day for five, with epson salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice at specific times on the evening of the sixth and morning of the 7th. I will do it again next month, and the month after and . . . until I stop passing gall stones. The largest stone I passed was the size of the tip of my little finger. Amazing. I noticed immediate improvement in some chronic things, which is heartening.

Terry’s doing great. He has to take the fiber every other day or the pre-diverticulitis symptoms crept back; lethargy, enlarged abdomen, general feeling of unwellness, smelly bowels. He was taking the fiber less often, but diverticulitis is insideous and the unwellness crept on him subtly. He was going through waves of feeling great and feeling awful. It’s better to be proactive and prevent rather than to wait until sickness appears before acting. Quality of life is important.