I still get an occasional email from people who have found the site helpful and who have started taking Dr. Natura products but I find I’m not having the really intense conversations anymore. Part of this is because I’ve covered so much here already, and part of it is because my posting on Dr. Natura was so far in the past people really have to search to find it. It’s been years since my original post!

Terry is still taking the Colonix fiber one to two times a week. It keeps his diverticulitis in check.

With Celiac’s Disease (celiac sprue) I have to be very careful what I eat. I am getting healthier, but I still take stuff daily to help compensate for a compromised digestive system.

On the plus side, I no longer have issues with my toasted ankle. It’s healed and I can now ignore it completely. That’s a huge blessing. My neck is slowly healing. I still have positional issues, though they are much better than in the past. I hold out hope that this will completely resolve itself as my ankle has. I’m getting my life back and it is glorious.

If you have questions, if you just want to talk, if you’re frustrated with the medical profession because they think you’re nuts and you know you’re not, email me. I’ll help if I can.