In the last 3 or 4 years I recognized I have a pretty big problem with systemic fungus.  It used to be really bad, but now it’s backed off to the point of being a mild irritant.  Trust me, this is a huge improvement.  My scalp always itched, my ears and sinuses ran constantly and I had very little energy.  I also had high blood pressure.  Notice I said “used to.”  Now I can say “yeah, not so much.”

The first fungus treatment I tried was some over the counter herbals which, given the depth of my fungal infestation, was a bit like spitting in the wind.  It may have been adequate to treat a small intestinal flare-up but it was no match for fungus throughout the entire body.  I needed bigger guns . . . MUCH bigger guns.

The next fungal prep I tried actually made a dent . . . a small dent, but I did see some improvement.  It was a course of fiber and a special olive oil prep.  Olive oil is high in . . . can’t remember what but it’s a great anti-fungal.  This was the start of my colon cleansing.

The next fungal prep I tried was sodium chlorite.  I saw and even bigger improvement but it still wasn’t big guns enough for what I had.

The last, and most effective, thing I tried was the very simple maple syrup and baking soda treatment.  The link is also on the menu under links.  This treatment works because it direct-delivers the fungus killer directly to the fungus.  One source cites the rapid ph change as the vector by which the fungus is weakened or killed.

The cleansing reaction I got to the maple syrup and baking soda fix was, at one point, really ugly.  Apparently I had a mass of fungus in my pancreas because the cleansing reaction lasted a couple weeks and produced a really ugly rash on my rib cage below my left breast bigger than my hand and right where my bra band would rest.  Yuck, but better out than in.

The last fungus prep I’ve used is water kefir (see link in Links menu).  I didn’t start taking it for controlling candida, though it does seem to be doing that nicely.  I started taking it to improve the health of my digestive tract.  Water kefir is noted for the enzymes and probiotics therein.  Since I starting drinking it I have noticed improvement in my health.  My ankle has finished healing and I’m having fewer issues with general body discomfort.  I also don’t seem to be catching colds from people around me nor have I participated in a round of flu that came through.  Is it the water kefir?  Maybe. Is it changing my diet and removing as much as possible all the things that feed fungus? Probably. No matter what you do, you’re probably going to fight this the rest of your life. It’s good to have a variety of tools with which to go to battle.