I was diagnosed with parasites.  No, I didn’t get this diagnosis from a doctor.  I didn’t get a lot of diagnoses from doctors.  In general I’ve found them to be at best really bad human mechanics.  You go to them and say “I’ve got a vibration” and they tell you to visit Les Schwab.   Once you establish the tires are all properly aligned and balanced and after the front tire falls off will they accept that yeah, maybe something was wrong with the suspension.  This is a really bad example because Les Schwab will actually diagnose and fix suspension problems your auto mechanic will miss.

Because I have an extensive history of really poor diagnostic service from doctors I ended up finding a CNT (certified nutritional therapist) with really good diagnostic skills (leaps of logic) and an ability to accurately perform kinesiology.

In the process of working through my physical problems, we determined I had parasites and treated my body accordingly.  The diagnosis was confirmed when my blood was examined using a dark field microscope.  Dead parasite bodies, two different types.