Why ElfNori

A personal domain is a great way to have a consistent email address for years and years, but that’s not really the story behind ElfNori.

Years ago I had a friend with whom I did lots of really interesting things.  We even talked about starting a business together but she died shortly after coming out of open heart surgery.  My website programming business is named in memory of that friend.  When I’m wearing my business hat, I am the HeadElf at OfficeElf, and somewhere Becky knows I’m thinking of her.

In the nearly 20 years since I purchased my first domain name, I’ve acquired a number of domain names, each one for a specific purpose.  Years ago I remember reading someone’s blog where some guy had political opinion mixed with technical stuff and work stuff and hobby stuff . . . it was really irritating.  The site had no focus and the guy’s political views were exceedingly short sighted.   Using that website as a really good example of what not to do, each time I started something that should be a stand-alone topic, I’d purchase a new domain just for that topic.

Over the years the number of things that interest me has grown.  Now, in addition to my work and farm sites, I have a domain for my political/social commentary, another for my combined driving and longlining library (all the articles I’ve written), one for my quilting, vertical gardening and shoe making, one for my house plans/building construction plus another 6 or 8 generic domains for used in my business.  When it comes to me and domains, it’s the Imelda Marcos thing . . . one pair of shoes is never enough.

When it came time to choose a domain name for my personal personal personal stuff, ElfNori just seemed to resonate.  I originally bought the ElfNori domain so I could maintain a certain level of anonymity for my Yahoo group memberships.  The domain was divorced from everything else I was doing at the time and the domain was used just to supply the email address.  About eight years after the purchase I needed a place to put our 2007 Hawaii vacation stuff and it seemed logical to post it there.  It was personal and it seemed the right place to stick it.  Not too much longer after that I added the Colonix conversations for all the people I was talking to about the product.  A couple years later I added my Forex trading performance stuff . . . just for me so I could see the charts and things.   As you can see, things just grew. That’s just the way life works.

So that’s why ElfNori.  It started as an anonymous site to supply an email address.  Now I use the email address for all my personal stuff, separate from my farm and my business.  It works.  Being the HeadElf at work, it just seems right to be elf@elfnori when I’m not working.