One of the most important changes I’ve made in my diet is the addition of insoluble fiber.  It has had a positive impact on Terry’s health as well.  We take our fiber differently using different products.  Terry takes the Colonix fiber which is an excellent product.  I use flax seed meal.  He takes his fiber once every three to seven days, I take mine twice daily.  He takes his in a slug-it-down cocktail of distilled aloe, colloidal clay, Colonix fiber, xylitol (birch tree sugar) and concentrated cranberry juice.  I take mine twice daily in a smoothie or mixed in soup or stew.

Fiber is the intestinal scrub brush which removes accumulations left by the food we eat.  Our system is designed for a diet much higher in non-soluble fiber than our current diets can provide and that lack of insoluble fiber can cause serious health issues.  Even high fiber bread doesn’t have as much fiber (percentage) as our digestive system needs to maintain good health.  You can throw half a cup of oats into bread and call it “high fiber” but that isn’t sufficient.

How the fiber is taken in really immaterial.  It makes no difference if it’s slugged back in a specially designed cocktail or mixed into food.  What is important is getting the fiber in you on a schedule that improves or maintains your health. The vital key is the fiber; how much, how often.

Here are a few of the smoothy recipes I use.  Each of these recipes includes a large ripe banana, a heaping teaspoon of flax seed, from 3/4 to 1 cup of milk (cow, almond, rice, soy, etc.) and sweetener to taste.  I use xylitol (natural birch sugar) as the sweetener because it doesn’t feed candida.

Play with the recipes adding spices to your taste.  I’m currently in a nutmeg/clove/cinnamon phase so that’s what I’m flavoring with, subject to change without notice.

I dump everything into the blender and blend on the lowest speed until smooth.

Cantelope (this recipe usually requires no sweetener)

Base (banana, flax seed meal, milk)

3/4 cup honeydew or cantelope

a sprinkle of nutmeg


Base (banana, flax seed meal, milk)

1/2 apple, peeled and cored

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp cinnamon

dash of clove

1 tsp xylitol


Base (banana, flax seed meal, milk)

2/3 cup fresh or frozen berries (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc.)

spice to taste (I use the apple mix)

1 tsp to 1 tbs of xylitol depending on the berry used and how sweet you like your smoothy.


Base (banana, flax seed meal, milk)

juice and zest from half a lemon

heaping teaspoon xylitol

extra  milk to make up the volume