Jerie L

I have just ordered a month’s supply of Colonix. I have a few concerns, but the testimonials are really believable. If you could answer some questions for me, I would appreciate it.

I am a guidance counselor at a school. Will I have to find a bathroom every few minutes through out the day? Will I have cramping and loose stools? Anything you could tell me would be appreciated.

No, no, no. Once you’ve been on the program a little while (couple days/week maybe?) you’ll have two or three bowel movements in the morning, probably before you leave the house and when you first arrive at school. You shouldn’t have diarrhea. And the water you drink shouldn’t cause you to run to the bathroom continually UNLESS . . .

See, here’s where I need to know more about you. If your bladder isn’t being squeezed by a prolapsed transverse colon or by an enlarged rectum or appendix, the water you’ll be drinking won’t bother you. If you bladder is being squeezed, it will take a little while before the cleansing will relieve your bladder and let it work a little more normally.

I notice I am dumping most of my gross stuff in the first and second bowel movements of the day. If you plan your morning accordingly, you’ll have that done and out of the way before you leave for school.

Yes it does help—and thank you for responding so quickly. My bladder is fairly normal I suppose, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Are you noticing more energy, less bloating, and all of the other things the testimonials mention? I am going to start on the 19th—because we are out for spring break. I am so excited—I just cannot wait. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

Also, several people mentioned not drinking sodas. Are they an no-no on this plan??

I don’t think anything’s a no-no if it’s not done in excess. (If you ignore my almond M&Ms I’ll pretend your pop is okay . . . deal?)

I try not to eat anything with cane or corn sugar in it because it causes bladder cramping and feeds yeast (I still have issues there). I have agave syrup in my tea (I drink lots of tea) and still am addicted to almond M&Ms <looking innocent>. Fortunately most candy bar manufacturers use beet sugar so I skate on this one. <grin>

Energy . . . you’ll definitely have more energy. Here’s the part where you’ll wince. Sorry. Sugar is a HUGE downer. You may find once the excess yeast is removed from your system your craving for sweets (pop) decreases. You can’t count the pop toward your water total for the day. You may need less pop once you’re drinking the amount of water you’re supposed to. Don’t resort to diet pop. The chemicals are really bad for you.

One more thing about pop. (Yeah, I know I’m beating this horse pretty hard). One of the things carbonation does is reduce your body’s ability to digest food, which reduces the amount of value you get from your food which causes you to eat more to compensate. Anything which reduces your ability to digest slows transit times, which leads to other (bigger) problems. The colonix program should fix both transit times and digestion, but you can help it along by cutting down on how much carbonated beverage you drink. <wince> Sorry. You might consider replacing the pop with a fruit/veggie juice combo, like V8 Splash. I can’t drink it straight, so I cut it with water. I prefer straight V8, so usually drink that if I want something other than water (or tea).

Bloating . . . you’ll notice a big change there as well. Bloating is caused by things not moving through your system. If they don’t move through your system fast enough they ferment and you feel fat. There are two things I really like about the Colonix program. The herbs in the fiber clean, helping to improve transit times (the time it takes from something ingested to be evacuated out the other end). The tea at night bumps up the peristaltic action of the large intestine, helping dislodge stuck stuff (plaque and mucous) and get things moving.

You might want to start on the 18th, because it takes a day for things to get through your system and you probably won’t notice anything different the first day. That way you’ll actually start to see changes on the 19th, your first day of spring break.

I am a recovering fat person, so diet soda has been my drink of choice for about three years now. I know that I do not need to drink it, but it is my only vice. I will have to break free! If I have more energy, I won’t need the caffeine—so stopping the soda will be easier.

Will I actually crave less sweet stuff??? Are you sure? You really seem to know what you are talking about—but that one is a little hard to grasp.

So I will begin to notice a change on the second day of the program. OK—I will begin on the 18th.

How long are you planning to continue the program? I ordered 1 month—and if after 14 days I want to continue, I will order more.

BTW—thank you sooo much for taking time to answer my questions.

Once you get the yeast under control you won’t crave sweets. You’ll go through bouts where you crave it as the yeast flares and dies (a number of times), but it helps if you understand what’s going on in your body. It helps you manage it. The plaque in your intestine is like the layers of an onion. As a layer is sloughed off it exposes yeast. Between the exposure and the annihilation, you’ll have some craving. Do your best not to feed the yeast.

As your system is cleansed you’ll gain energy. Terry (spouse) went from bedridden to . . . I occasionally see him go flashing through. Very tiring to watch <grin>. He’s even working outside in the rain (previously unheard of behavior).

I think we get fat because we have organisms in our body telling us we’re hungry and because our digestive system gets compromised and we’re not getting the nutrition we need from our food. We eat more in an attempt to get the nutrition we need, or because the chemical signals sent off by the organisms cause us to crave. Once the organism are gone our bodies resort to a more natural operation.

I stored toxins in my thighs. We think we’re fat, and we are, but we’re also a storage facility for toxins the waste system can’t dump. Once the system is repaired, the waste gets dumped. It doesn’t happen overnight, and requires patience and perseverance.

I had hard bulges on the front of my thighs, and the sides of my thighs were painful. I couldn’t cross my legs comfortably. As my system continues to cleanse the lumps are disappearing and the pain is decreasing. I can again cross my legs. I still have one knot above my right knee. It’s my longest existing toxic waste dump. When it’s gone, I’ll know I’m almost there.

Oh, and one more thing. In the journey I have taken to try and get my health back, I have noticed there are two kinds of people. There are the people who are open minded and listen and are willing to share my successes, maybe even willing to go on the journey with me. Then there are those who watch my lips move and all they hear is “blah blah blah”. They may only hear noise because they are afraid, in denial or may have a false sense of their own superiority. I have a friend I love dearly who desperately needs to be on the Colonix program, but she cannot stand the thought of things like that being in or coming out of her body, so she can’t “hear” me. When talking to her I try and share my experiences in only the most general terms. I don’t push, I have to be patient. She will come to this place if and when she’s ready and I’ll be there to support her when she does. I know another lady who looks down her nose, SURE she’s too good to have parasites. I know her health problems and know she would benefit enormously from the Colonix program, but she’ll never get there.

We’re all individuals. What I experience may not necessarily be what you experience. Take the time to notice and celebrate the changes. I’m not done doing the happy dance yet. <grin> Every day is a celebration. You go, girl.

You have done a lot of research on this—lucky for me.

I know what you mean. When I started eating right and exercising to take off my weight, everyone wanted to know what I did—so I told them. Of course, they heard blah-blah-blah because they weren’t really ready to do anything for themselves. Everyone wants a quick fix.

I hope that this program will help my IBS, gas, and heartburn. Also, I want to have more energy!! I cannot stress that enough!

Thank you!!!

If you have trouble taking the fiber try adding a little agave syrup and a little bit of cranberry concentrate. I don’t care for the taste of licorice and one of the herbs in the fiber is fennel (smells and tastes like licorice), and the cranberry and agave mask it nicely.

It’s been fun talking to you. Yell if you need support or want somebody to brag to who will understand.

OK—I am on day 8. So far, not too much to report. Some days I have felt great. Others, not so great. I noticed increased regularity after the first day, but this morning has been a let down. Almost nothing. I have noticed that I cannot stomach carbonated beverages like I used to. I have followed the program to the letter, but so far no real noticeable differences. No weight loss, no shrinking stomach, and not much increased energy. Should I be worried?

No, you shouldn’t be worried. You need to be patient. I think you’re expecting big results too quickly. I’m on week 8 and the weight loss is noticeable. I have plaque (varying amounts) every morning, but it’s finally slowing down. I expect one more push on plaque after my last break on Paranil.

How long are you brewing your tea? Do you have abdominal cramps after drinking it? How much fiber are you taking?

If things have slowed down it might be because you’ve got stuff coming loose and plugging things up temporarily. Be patient.

Keep me posted!

I do one scoop of the powder in the morning and 4 capsules. I raised my tea-steeping time to 4 and a half minutes yesterday—and this morning I experienced some cramping. I am following all of the guidelines to the letter.

I didn’t. I was bad. After the first week we started steeping for, if I remember correctly, 6 minutes. You need to adjust the brew time by whether you’re getting cramping or not. If you aren’t getting cramping, you need to brew it a little longer.

The cramping means the muscles in your abdomen are doing their job, pushing stuff along.

Let me know how it goes.