I was just reading your letter and am very impressed by the changes. I feel as if I am dying and have had all kinds of tests and diets…well you know the drill.

Does this really make a difference so quickly? There are days I wish I would pass on, but now I am thinking to pass something out would be much better.

Were either of you sick from doing this program? I am a tad afraid of getting sicker. I can actually tell when I am going to have a pathetic BM by the pressure around my heart. Yes, my doctor thinks I am depressed. The money doctors make by prescribing drugs for depression, IBS, acid reflux etc. is unbelievable. I work in a call-centre and every other person is on some kind of drug. I am thinking we just need a good cleaning.

I’d be amazed if you didn’t feel much better in two weeks, lots better in two months and a new woman in 90 days. I am amazed at what I’ve done. I can’t believe 17 year old injuries are healing! <small victory dance> I’ve got a couple more things I really need healed. I’m hoping they go the way of the bum ankle.

I’m passing big chunks and strings of plaque with my first stool first thing in the morning. The key is the fiber and the tea. All the other stuff is very necessary, but getting the fiber amount right and the tea steep the right amount of time is key. If you’re doing the colonix, make sure you do the toxinout at the same time.

We weren’t sick when we started, but I’ve had spates of sore spots, a rash on my tongue (current flavor of the day), a couple instances of loose stool, days where I felt pretty under the weather. Not anything gross, just a “wouldn’t it be nice to stay in bed” day here and there.

Let me know if you have questions.