Are you sure its not the change in your eating habit and exercise that has done this for you ? You sure its the product and not the fiber or stopping the soda and chips that has done this for you? It seems in all that I have read on this product that everyone has changed there eating habits, drinking habits and exercise habits. Are you sure it is the product? I need to know before I shove something more into my system at my age that may do more harm then good. I cannot eat different or drink different and I cant exercise as sick as I am. So, if you don’t take the product and just make all the other changes in your life, will that do the same for you? Thanks.

I changed my eating habits over 15 years ago. When I started Colonix I changed absolutely nothing about what I’m eating, how I’m exercising and when and how I sleep. Nothing. I have had a serious problem with yeast overgrowth and parasites for a long time. When I stopped eating wheat I stopped getting bronchitis, so apparently that was a major allergen. When I stopped eating cane, corn and fruit sugars my bladder stopped misbehaving. I didn’t lose any weight either time I made a diet adjustment. In fact I continued to gain weight because of the toxins produced by yeast and parasites. Colonix and Toxinout are the single best thing I have ever done to improve my health. I’m losing weight. My ankle has finally healed (a minor miracle). If everything else that’s wrong heals I will have my life back. I do a minor victory dance every day for the improvements I see in my health.

My husband is feeling very much the same. His body type and metabolism is very different than mine, yet he is seeing the same kind of healing and return to the energies of youth.

I hope this helps.

You are the first person that has answered my one question about the product. Thank you. Everyone tells there story of the changing of there habits along with taking the product so this is why I was wondering if just changing habits of eating, drinking soda, and exercise may have cleaned there colons.

No, diet change alone will do nothing to clean your colon. I’ve been there, and I can tell you it’s a non-starter as an idea. <shaking head> I wish.

I drink soda alot. I drink a bottle or a can a day. That is a lot to me. I am on several medications that do not work for anything I have wrong with me. I am reaching out for a miracle and trust me I need one to at least feel better.

I can really understand your frustration. I went to doctors for help and got nothing substantive in return. If I pushed the issue I was given a paleative and eventually looked at like I’m nuts. It’s a real bitch to go to people for help who can’t/won’t help when you desperately need the help.

I don’t think one soda a day is a lot. That’s the equivalent of my one girly coffee.

I am tired of having no energy. I am so tried that I am too tired most of the time to get up. I eat once a day, rice or a sandwich of such. I am about 20 pounds over weight even though I do not eat much.

You need to eat better. Six small meals a day, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. You are depleting your body’s reserves by not restocking it correctly. I’ve got you beat on the poundage. I’m about 70 lbs overweight, but it’s slowly coming off. The Colonix/Toxinout program really is making a difference. I have masses of energy, though I’m not being good about eating often enough. I eat three or four times a day, but I’m trying to eat healthy things every meal. I still have a DQ Blizzard a couple times a week (banana split) and I still occasionally have almond M&Ms, but I’m losing weight, getting healther, healing things that were damaged long ago. My skin looks and feels better, my eyes are brighter, my brain works better. This stuff rocks! I still have days when I don’t feel well, but it is invariably when the cleansing has exposed toxic stuff locked between the layers accumulated plaque. Those are the days I have a colonic to flush the toxins. Occasionally I’ll have abdominal cramping, but that’s usually when I’ve brewed the tea a bit stronger than I should have. I’m better off letting Terry do our tea as he does a more consistent job.

I am 50 and I feel like what the older people look like in there 90s . This is a fact!

I need to know if this was a painful gain with the product? I saw what came out of people and trust me I have showed many that are wondering the same thing that I am. How did something that large come out of them?

Nothing painful, and only occasionally uncomfortable. I have had days where I’ve had five or six really large bowel movements. They weren’t uncomfortable because they’re soft and slippery. I’m always amazed at what comes out.

I cant see how some of that came out of people without injuring them?

Were there a lot of cramps, pain etc?

Cramping at night after you drink the tea, but it’s not uncomfortable. I see it as a sign that my body is working to expel stuff that shouldn’t be there.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll make time to answer what I can.

Thanks again for all your help here. I have read many letters from people that responded to my one question and they were angry with me not understanding a thing I said. I hope that is not one of the cleansing products that causes so much anger in them .< laughing> Your letter is the only one I will use in my thinking process being its the only one that makes any since to me. Thank you! I will be trying it soon. Take Care.

How are you doing? Are you making progress?

No, in fact it has bound me up! I had to stop the process after 5 days of it binding me up! I would not recommend this product to anyone with on going health conditions whatsoever! I asked almost everyone on that site many questions in regards to the product. I was told by everyone I should do it and I kept all the e-mails. It saddens me that someone didn’t do the research of what this product could possible do to someone that already has a digestive issue. I had already had diarrhea for many years which kept me cleaned out! I was told if I used this product it would clean what was hidden causing the diarrhea to stop. It may help for those that do not have issues already with intestinal problems but it does not work for all. Thanks

I hope you keep working to find and fix your problem. It’s not good to have non-stop diarrhea. We thought Terry’s continuous diarrhea would have him all cleaned out, but that was far from the case. The worse the diarrhea the more stuff it leaves behind. It’s taking a while, but his health is improving and he’s still flushing plaque. I think I’m ahead of him on cleansing and healing, but he’s sticking with it.

I wish you only the best.