I got your email address from

Are you still doing the Dr. Natura program?

Are you skeptical at all?

I saw the “mucoid plaque” is not a medical term and that
these products could actually cause the “mucoid plaque”.

I am skeptical but open-minded.

What are you findings with the use of this product and do you still
continue to take it.


I’m answering your questions in a kinda round-about way. You’re getting the reader’s digest version, but it’s still kinda long.

Some people have a better relationship with doctors than I do. I am allergic to wheat (and soy) and have been all my life. Wheat allergy causes very severe constipation. Not one single doctor asked me how often I defecated. I found the wheat allergy by reading Bottom Line magazine. On the back cover, in italics, it said “Allergy to wheat is called ” then they gave the name and the symptoms. It was a light bulb coming on. There I was! That’s what was wrong! I stopped eating wheat and within days was hugely better. At this point I was shaking my head at doctors. Shortly thereafter I lost my mother to misdiagnosed colorectal cancer (ugly disease).

In an attempt to solve other problems, and because my relationship with the medical profession was so poor, I tried a naturopath. She was no better than the doctors I’d seen in the past. No better at diagnosis, no more intuitive, with no ability to think outside the box. If the problem wasn’t visible on the surface, she was clueless.
I found a CNT (certified nutritional therapist) who was actually able to figure out I had both yeast overgrowth and parasites. Due to the decades of wheat induced bloating I had leaky gut (caused by yeast overgrowth). With her help I got healthier and healthier and my brain got to working better and better. I learned a tremendous amount about the human body and how it works, and how it gets screwed up.

One of my reading assignments was a book about bowel care by Dr. Bernard Jensen. In this book he describes how the digestive system works, why it develops plaque and delineates the process of getting it cleaned out so the body could work more normally again. I suggest you find and read this book. It will address issues over which you have expressed skepticism. He’s a medical doctor who is acknowledged as an authority on the colon.

Everything I had been through in trying to get healthy paid off when Terry got sick. I apparently did exactly the right things at exactly the right times. It was a turning point in Terry’s health, and in mine. Without his illness I would have continued to peck away at my health problems. With Dr. Natura I feel I’ve made a huge bold leap forward.

I can’t say enough good things about their program. It does everything Bernard Jensen specifies as necessary to cleanse the colon, and it does it in such a way that it is not onerous to do. When you read Jensen’s book you’ll understand. His colon cleansing program is really arduous, and there’s no way you could go to work, take care of a family, HAVE a life while doing that cleanse. I spent $129 to purchase the supplies I didn’t have (I already had quite a few) for running Terry through the Jensen’s program. In four days the difference was amazing. The only things we did differently were the addition of aloe (soother/healer) and colloidal silver (anti-bacterial). There’s no way I could have gotten Terry to do Jensen’s cleanse once he started feeling better because it’s so taxing, so the problem would have returned. If I had done nothing I’m sure Terry would have ended up in the hospital having surgery to remove part of his colon. He would have gotten there by ambulance. His condition was that dire.

Terry still tires fairly quickly, and is on light duty at work. He generally ends up working 4 days, not five, but he’s getting better every week. By June I expect him to be fully healed. Without the Dr. Natura products I am confident this would not have been possible.

We’ll stop the program if we stop making progress in our health. We’ll continue to take Colonix and Toxinout for the full 90 days, then reevaluate and see where we’re at. As to whoever says this program causes plaque . . . hmmm. My waist has gotten smaller and smaller. My abdominal tenderness has decreased. The hard lumps on the fronts of my thighs have gone away. My brain is working better. I am sleeping more soundly. I am not as emotional. Things that were damaged years ago are finally healing. My husband’s abdomen has reduced significantly in size. He’s always been tall and skinny, but had slowly begun looking more and more like a daddy longlegs spider, all skinny limbs and big belly. Now his abdomen sticks out only a little when he stands. His energy level has increased hugely. His emotional swings are greatly reduced.

Our overall health is improving and continues to improve. We attribute it to Dr. Natura’s program. I hope all this rambling helps.