i was reading your testimony, i’m very concerned and want to order this , but don’t know which one to order and where to start.

Please don’t wince when I say “both”. I am reaching the realization that anyone who has pets of ANY kind or lives in the country and plays in the dirt has more parasites than they should in their system. And because we universally have such a poor diet (yeah, me too) of processed and refined foods, our system is plugged with all sorts of things it shouldn’t be. The Colonix system is designed to remove all that guck, and I think it does a great job.

If you have had any contact with chemicals at all (pump your own gas, change your oil, check your oil, use household chemicals, live in the city, drive to and from work), you need both. I say that because we absorb so many chemicals and heavy metals in our every day industrialized world life. We can’t avoid it.

I am in no way connected with Dr. Natura, the site or their products. I have been working very hard for a number of years to try and solve health issues that are disappearing almost by magic since I started taking Colonix and Toxinout. I am driving my friends and family insane by my nearly continuous celebration on our improving health. I can FEEL them rolling their eyes at me behind my back. <grin>

When Terry and I first started taking the products, we only bought one of each (Colonix and Toxinout) to use, and started taking them at the same time, figuring if we didn’t see results within two weeks we’d write it off as a failed test. The next time I ordered, I bought a set for each of us, we were that blown away by how well the system works. The next time I order I’ll get the three we need to complete our full 90 days. If, at the end of the program we feel we need to continue for a month longer (we want Terry’s diverticulitus GONE), we’ll reorder at that time. Regardless, we will do 30 days of both every year from now on so we stay clean and healthy. We have definately learned our lesson!

I hope this helps.

thank u so much for this information, so I need to order both and take both at the sametime, I hope i don’t run no one off in the rest room 🙂

Really, the restroom shouldn’t be a problem. I’m usually done within an hour of getting up in the morning. That’s about how long it takes to shower, dress, eat and get ready to leave for work, so you should be good. I wish you all the best. If you have any questions, let me know. I’ll answer them if I can.