Karen N

I have been reading about Dr Natura and the cleansing and the toxin out for probably this past year and still have not ordered it. As you can tell I am also a skeptic and having to watch my pennies, or dollars these days, I have been amiss in ordering the product. You see I am not sure if it is only for the 3 months and doing it once a year or do you continually have to take something between the year.

The only thing you take continuously is fiber, which is something you should be taking anyway. Prior to taking Colonix I had been taking a different intestinal fiber product. The Colonix fiber works better because it has herbs which help digestion and cleansing. Once a year for a month should be sufficient for everything else, but I’m not there yet, so can’t give you any first hand experience.

I have read that there are parasites in the whole body and will they take care of the whole body? For how long?

It takes a long time to accumulate parasites. I slept with a cat on my pillow growing up. Plus we lived in the country, had cows, played in the dirt, the works. I was well and truly polluted by the time I figured out I had parasites. I have video of the dead bodies in my blood after getting them killed off. I can also tell you it took me about 90 days to kill the ones I had which didn’t really get rid of them, just killed them. I had to take something else to dissolve the parasite bodies, which caused other problems. I wish I’d found Colonix and Toxinout back then. I really think it would have gone better/faster than what I did. I am SO not looking back. This stuff has done such a wonderful job in just the six weeks I’ve been on it. My husband’s health has made an incredible turn-around. Any who don’t know him or didn’t see how sick he was would not believe this is the same man 7 weeks later. Noone. If I wasn’t living it, there’s no way I’d believe it.

In what I know about parasites and cleansing, once a year should be sufficient. I am more concerned about yeast overgrowth than I am parasites. I had it on my scalp, in my ears, in my sinuses, everywhere. It made life miserable. I am breathing freely through my nose for the first time in a very long time. My ears have finally stopped running continually. The fungus on my feet is slowly going away. I still have granuloma angulara on my arm, but I expect that to go away as my pancreas returns to full health.

I do not drink the soda’s but right now am heavy on the processed carbs and want to get off them, does this seem to help? Seems to.

Absolutely. You’re probably craving refined carbs because you have an overgrowth of fungus in your system. I still love Almond M&Ms and girly coffee, but don’t crave it like I used to. Big diff. I’m looking forward to losing that completely.

I also saw a picture on a website that was talking about the product that supposedly showed worms in the stomach but when reading after it, people condemned the article saying it was worms in the colon, not the stomach. It is stories like this that has caused me to not order this product but still keep reading about it and wondering.

I saw an episode of House a couple weeks ago where they pulled a tapeworm out of a young lady’s stomach. <shiver> I have seen parasites from microscopic size (in my bloodstream) to stuff that’s visible to the naked eye (in my husband’s stool). Everyone has an opinion as to where the parasites are and what they look like. I can only go by what I’ve seen. I know parasites live in the stomach. That’s where tapeworms live. I’m sure they’re not the only variety that can stomach (pun) stomach acid.

I have read your testimonial and wonder what are your plans are for the future as far as this product is concerned.

We’re going to do it the full 90 days, then we’ll reevaluate. We may decide, due to Terry’s diverticulitis, that we need to do it a bit longer. It’s really important that we get his colon clean enough that the diverticuli can shrink back to normal/vanish. I don’t want to go through what we went through ever again.

I also would like to know if at the end of 3 months if that gunk stops coming out cause I have also read that whatever this stuff is just collects in the intestine and then comes out making you think it is parasites and decayed lining. I saw the monitor while they were doing the colonscopy and it looked pink inside. I had 6 polyps and they want me to do another one this year because of the 6………..actually he said cause I had one!

It sounds like someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about [colonix program producing plaque]. There’s no way anything we’re taking could be accumulating and coming out looking like plaque. Not possible. I’ve read the ingredients and know what the different things do. The same thing happens pretty much every day, but it doesn’t always look the same. The first bowel movement of the morning is mostly plaque. Sometimes there’s a bit of plaque in the second, but not always. The plaque is all scrunched together and floats. Sometimes it smells bad, sometimes it doesn’t, just depends on what’s caught in it.

Anyway, any info that you can give me in addition to what you have already printed would be helpful in making up my mind on ordering the product.

We’re still doing colonics every three days. It’s important to keep Terry’s colon flushed out, and if he’s gotta do it I’m going to do it with him (support). I had a tube of plaque come out during a colonic with pouches on the sides. I always feel better after a colonic, and I almost always have hard curds of stuff that has been loosened but not yet expelled. Terry has pale ochre yellow pebbly looking things that are being flushed/removed from his diverticuli. I have only had that once, near the beginning of our cleanse.

I hope everything I’ve told you helps. I really recommend this system. It is more effective than anything else I’ve tried in the years I’ve been trying to get healthy. It works better, faster, more effectively. I think everyone should do it at least once. I have friends I really want to do it, but they aren’t willing, and I won’t push them. I know they would be much healthier if they did, but it has to be their decision.

Thank you so much for all the time you took answering my questions.

I just got my stuff today and it is a bit overwhelming as all this stuff for 3 months. I will start tomorrow, not sure if DH will try this or not, he isn’t very good at taking pills. I will take it like it says with both colonix and toxin out taken at the same time. Just was wondering about the Kleri tea as to why it cannot be heated in the microwave oven. It says something about getting to hot but couldn’t you just put it in for less? After all boiling water on the stove is still boiling hot?

I am anxious to get started feeling this is the year to get healthy………again.

The way I understand it, the microwave changes the structure of food in a not good way. As a tea drinker I can tell you water from the microwave makes absolutely horrible tea. I don’t know why, but the tea doesn’t brew properly. I have a little Revereware kettle I use. It works a treat.

I know the volume of stuff seems overwhelming, but in a week you’ll have it down pat. I take a Sharpie and write on the top. The Paranil (first thing in the morning) has the number I take (you take 2 for the first few days) plus “first”. On the top of the Colonix I have “15 min after Paranil”. On the Toxinout I write the number and “before lunch”. On the Detoxigreen I have “2 with lunch”. On the capsules before bed I put “with tea”. I know what I need when at a glance. When a bottle gets empty I transfer the cap or lid to the new bottle.

Great hints, I am going to go mark them right now.

How are you doing?

I am doing all the water thing which is easy for me cause I like water. Haven’t noticed any increase in energy, lack of bad food appetite. I am only on day 7 so it might have to take awhile for some. No creepy things in the stool………but didn’t take the tea 2 nights ago cause it said that if you go regularly that you should only do it like 3 times a week. That wasn’t to be cause I didn’t go the next day at all till evening so am back on the tea which I find very good. Even the fiber is okay considering some of the stuff that I have taken in the past. So as for how I am doing? Not sure but hope that the increase of pills will do something………like the flat tummy????? How are you doing on yours? You still have a few weeks to go don’t you?

I’m doing really well, actually, thanks for asking! I had a nasty cold, but noone else caught it, so I’m wondering if I was just doing a really ugly cleanse. Don’t know, can’t say. I’m feeling awesome. And my health is continuing to improve. <happy dance> I need more stamina, but I think that will continue to build as I continue to heal.

I’m going to have to change how I’m doing the tea. I either need to take it two hours after I go to bed <rolling eyes> or I’m going to have to brew it just a bit weaker. I’m getting up two hours before I plan to to go to the bathroom, then I go back to bed and sleep some more. I think that’s brewing my tea too strong . . .? I’ll experiment and see.

It sounds like you’re doing great as well. I’m glad to hear you got the water thing sorted out to what’s comfortable for you. I’m noticing it’s taking some people a while to get the cleanse really kicked into gear. Those that have done some sort of cleanse prior to colonix seem to kick off faster, but the end result seems to be the same regardless.

Stay in touch, let me know how you’re doing.

Thank you for inquiring about the Dr. Natura. I no longer use it, I had to send it back as I didn’t feel it was doing me any good. I didn’t feel any different as in feeling the energy, and all the things that I felt were wrong with me and heard read that threes were feeling good, well, it just didn’t happen to me. I am sorry that I still have the back pain, the acid reflux, the lines in the nails…..but I know that one product doesn’t work for everyone., and will probably keep trying to find something else.

Again, thank you for inquiring.

How long did you stay on the product?

It was only a month. I really liked the fiber and the tea. At the time I sent it back, I had to decide to either do the whole thing or return it at the end of the month due to the times that I would be gone. It gave me a lot of gas and that was not a good thing………and was a deciding factor too.