Michelle J

I just read your testimony regarding Colonix. I have had pain in one of my knees for two years now and stiffness and pain in my back every morning for over a year. A naturopathic doctor said I might have parasites. I have also battled with constipation since I was a teenager. When I read about your ankle it made me wonder if what I am experiencing is related to the intestines and colon. Anyway it has given me hope for a healed knee and freedom from muscle and joint pain. Thanks!

I continue to be amazed. I used to get migraine headaches if I carried or lifted anything over 15 lbs. Now I’m toting 5 gallon buckets of water without a twinge! I am sure I’m driving people nuts with my happy dances! <grin> I’m not all the way healed yet, but I am so much better I continually amaze myself.

Parasites. This is a bit of a long story and it might help you . . . it might not.

I had parasites. Because I also had fungal overgrowth I had microscopic parasites in my blood. This happens because the fungus packs into the spaces between the villa in the small intestine and cause a weakening or splitting of the intestinal wall which allows fecal material into the blood. The parasites pass through with the fecal material and end up in the bloodstream. So anywhere I had a bruise or damage that caused bleeding I had parasites. The bigger the bleed the larger the number of parasites.

I *know* I had parasites in my blood because I had the opportunity to see my blood under a dark field microscope after I had been on an anti-parasitic for a while. In a drop of blood smaller than the head of a pin I had 5 parasites, two different kinds. They were dead, but they were obviously parasites . . . head, body, the whole thing on a microscopic scale. If I had five in a drop of blood that small, imagine how many I had system wide. <shiver>

So I’d managed to get the parasites killed off, but I was left with all the dead bodies, and they were too big to be filtered by my liver. At the rate they were being eaten by my white blood cells I was looking at years before I was clear of those suckers. Yuck. And what about the dead bodies that weren’t in my blood stream? What about the ones that were at every location I’d been bruised or hurt?

I had whiplash when I was 14 (bucked off a horse, broke a tooth, fun time had by all). It damaged my neck. I damaged it further doing something stupid in my 30’s. After that I couldn’t lift anything over 15 pounds without getting a migraine, had burning under my left shoulder blade, had to be careful how I sat, stood, layed, yada, yada. As I got older it got worse to the point that I stopped doing a lot of stuff.

Since I started on the Colonix/Toxinout duo all that stuff has been healing. I keep wanting to do a happy dance. I’m sure I’m driving everyone around me nuts. The ankle I trashed in my 30’s, the shoulder I damaged in my 30’s, my neck (I still have numb fingertips, but the hand goes numb less and less). I still have an enlarged lymph gland that we suspect was plugged by dead parasite bodies, but I’m expecting it to follow the course of everything else and fix itself. I have a patch of granuloma angulara I expect to vanish as well, if what’s happened so far is any indication. The margins are shrinking. The raised edge has decreased from 1/3 of the circumference of the granuloma (about 4 inches total) to less than a half inch of total length. The interior color hasn’t changed, but I’m expecting it to. I’m sure this is tied to my pancrease. Once it’s cleansed and heals the granuloma should go away completely.

The human body is an amazing thing. I have been working so long to try and get healed. I have a great CNT who’s struggled right along with me. That I managed to screw my body up so badly and have it finally healing itself is amazing. That the failure to heal was directly related to how badly my system was polluted by toxins and parasite produced chemicals stuck in my digestive tract is now pretty apparent. Anyone not living in this body might think I’m a lunatic for thinking Colonix/Toxinout is responsible for the change. That I’ve finally found something that works is marvelous.

Thank you for responding! You and I have a lot in common. I was bucked off a horse at age 11 and broke my arm. The day after the cast was removed I broke my neck jumping into leaves on my stomach (now I think how stupid!) 4 neurologists told my parents that I would stay completely paralyzed for life. My mother had great faith and believed God for a miracle.

I had a wonderful experience in the hospital one night when the room seemed to fill with a tangible presence of God. I knew without seeing Him with my natural eyes that Jesus was standing right next to me. That’s how real it was to me.

Anyway I am walking, biking, swimming, working out and only have some weakness left on my right side. I have compensated for that with relying on my left side more. That has caused lower back pain.

I also had a whiplash 17 years ago and that cause more chronic pain. The knee problem started two years ago. I have done just about everything natural to bring healing. I always wondered about dealing with the intestinal track, but wasn’t sure what to do.

What kind of practitioner did you work with that did the live blood test that you viewed under a microscope? How long have you been using Colonix? What other substances or supplements are you taking? Thanks fo your help! I am ready to try Colonix.Toxinout.

Wow, we do sound alike! <LOL>

Before the colonix I was taking LOTS of stuff . . . herbs and stuff to reduce high blood pressure, calcium to stave off osteoporosis, stuff to aid digestion, stuff to boost my hydrochloric acid. What a drag! <grin> Since starting Colonix and Toxinout I’ve been taking less and less. The program seems to be fixing things and I don’t need them anymore. I probably should take the calcium . . . I’ll have to see. I’ll wait until I’m done with the program then get retested to see if I still need it.

Dark field microscope . . . my CNT had a lady come and do a bunch of us. I have my results on tape. Creepy. It’s not legal in a bunch of states. Drs like their monopoly. You can get it done in Canada and a lot of countries in Europe. It’s used as a standard diagnostic tool there. Go figure. <shaking head at us> You might check around and see if you can find someone who does it locally, but don’t hold your breath . . .

We’ve been on Colonix/Toxinout since Feb 9. The difference is absolutely amazing. Terry was working outside last night until after 8. It was dark, he was still out there doing stuff. Amazing. He went from being a couch potato (tv always on) to getting up and going out without every flipping it on. I have more energy than I ever remember having in my whole life.

How are you doing? Are you making progress?

I’m on day four of the cleanse and haven’t noticed anything yet. I hope I will soon I need the stiffness and inflammation I’ve experienced in lower and upper back to stop as well as my right knee and hip. I’m expecting great results!!

I am too! I have stuff healing I never expected to heal! Ever! I am hearing from a number of people who haven’t been on any other cleansing program that it takes a bit for this to get started before you start noticing results. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Keep me posted on how you’re doing!

You said that there are things that are healing that you never expected to heal. Can you elaborate or is what is healing too personal. I was wondering because it may help me to be encouraged.

In my 30’s I stepped out of a carriage (horse was bolting) at about 30 miles an hour. Totally trashed my ankle. Spent 2 weeks laying on my back with my leg in the air, then spent two weeks on crutches. I used a cane for a couple of months then limped for two years. Forever after I had an ankle that, if used on rough or uneven ground would swell and be extremely stiff and sore, necessitating the use of a cane for a day or two after. This really impacted my life. Even yard work meant I spent the next day walking around with a cane. No more. I hiked to Queen Emma’s Bath, a very rough descent down a slippery twisty uneven root strewn path and over lava boulders along the shore, and then back. When we were done with that we hiked up and down the 200′ elevation of the Limihuli Arboretum. I could feel my ankle, but it was only mildly uncomfortable, not incapacitating.

I got whiplash in my 20’s, then exacerbated that injury in my 30’s by carrying something I really shouldn’t have tried to carry. Along with the neck damage I tore something under my left shoulder blade. Despite months of physical therapy, the damage was permanent and limited my lifting capacity to 15 pounds, if I was careful. If I tried to carry too much too far everything would lock up and I’d get a migraine. No longer. I’m now carrying five gallon buckets of water without getting a migraine. If I push it I still get a little uncomfortable, but a quick shoulder/neck rub fixes the problem. I can feel this is still improving.

Because of the damage I’d done to my neck, the middle finger of my right hand is partially numb, but it’s been much worse. At its worst I could only sleep on my back, couldn’t lay on either side, had to sleep with a big pillow under my head to keep my vertebrae stretch or my right hand would go numb. Posture during the day made a difference as well. I had to be careful of my posture. I had an MRI and was told the joints between C5 and C6 and C6 and C7 were degenerating. I started on a regime of rigid posture control to give me time to make a decision and decide how I was going to pay for a major surgical fix. It’s healing itself on its own. I am now sleeping on my left side with no issue, and if I’m careful, I can sleep on my right side. I don’t have to be nearly as careful with my posture. I’m using a normal pillow now instead of a big pillow. I get a sore neck if I spend too much time looking up or with my chin pushed forward. In a nutshell, it’s getting better. I went for having a numb hand/fingers most of the time to seldom having numbness. I am now doing things that would have resulted in numbness/migraine in the past with little or no penalty. I still have to be careful, but at least I have a life now and I’m not done healing yet.

I know this kind of stuff takes time to heal, so I’m being patient, sticking with the program and watching what I do. I am so jazzed about the whole thing. It’s like having a new lease on life.

It sounds like you live in a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing your story. It really gives me faith and hope for myself! I will be sure to share with you my progress.