Daniel D

Thank you for allowing me to contact you directly concerning your experience with the Colonix program. I suspect that I may have a similar condition as your Husband.

My experience with doctors, after detailed explanations of my symptoms, have resulted in a prescription for Nexium which I left on the doctor’s desk after asking for my co-pay back.

He was shocked but not as much as I was by the complete lack of concern for my health.

Anyway, I am considering trying this program for the same reasons as Terry.

How is Terry getting on now and can you offer any advice before I start?

I can relate to your experience with your doctor. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as the way they dispense prescriptions instead of solutions.

Terry’s doing fantastically well. We’re still doing colonics every three or four days to keep the area clean so it can heal, but it’s really the Colonix and Toxinout that are the workhorses in this. The difference for both of us has been absolutely amazing. He has energy he hasn’t had in years. I have things healing that I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life. Terry’s depression is almost completely gone. He’s got a way to go, but the difference is miraculous.

That’s wonderful to hear. I have been depressed and unhappy also. Just this past Saturday I had a very dark moment when I was just so tired of wondering why I was so sick… I decided that I would just be in misery until I eventually expired. I want to do whatever I can, but I just don’t trust modern medicine. I will try this and hope for the best.

Thanks so much for your encouraging response!

I’m ordering today. I have started a “Health Diary” to track the results.

I will keep you posted!

I appreciate it. Otherwise I’ll wonder and worry.

I told Terry about your Nexium prescription and asking for your co-pay back and he laughed and said “good for him!”. He’s not thrilled with his doctor either. He said by the time she wanted him to come back and check in with her he’d have been in the hospital having surgery. I think she’s a little embarrassed that I did a better job of diagnosing and treating. Maybe she’ll be a little more thorough with the next person to complain of diarrhea.

LOL, It’s true that MD’s are only successful when we are sick. it’s a bad model.

How are you doing? Are you making progress?

Thanks for checking in, the product has not arrived yet. I have also gotten the name of a naturapath/nutritionist who I will be meeting with next week.

Thanks again for asking.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m sending as much positive thought your way
as I can.