Corzell Z

I have been on Colonix for 5 days now and the results are not great. What can I do to improve my detox?

This is the point where you really need to be patient.

Are you taking both Colonix and Toxinout? Did you up the number of paranil and the capsules you take before lunch? How long are you brewing your tea?

I am only taking the colonix by itself. I am uping the paranil tomorrow which is day six. I try to steep my tea for 15 minutes. my diet has not changed. what could i do for that?

Okay, you’re doing everything right. Right now you just need to be patient. This stuff has to work slowly or you’d have a major purge that would be massively uncomfortable. The program is designed so you can continue with your normal life while your system is cleaning itself. Be patient!

How are you doing? Are you making progress?

Some progress. its been 2 weeks now and my weight is pretty much the same. I feel alot different and my energy level is higher, but I’m still waiting on that magical moment when I feel like I’m 18

<ROFL> Me too! <grin> I did fit into a dress I haven’t fit into in a while, so that was pretty red letter!