I would love to try this cleanse because i am experiencing a lot of the symptoms mention in the many testimonials. Headaches, bloating, constipation tired etc. but i am afraid of all the nasty stuff mentioned. I am extremely terrified of worms, are these worm alive? i am just imagining worms wiggling around and other things crawling on my bottom when i go to the washroom and also these big bags of stuff coming out. Is it painful when you are passing these things? I really really want to try this so i could feel myself again PLEASE HELP!!!!! and by the way i am in Canada how can i get this product if i decide to try it.

The easy answer is not to look. I know that sounds really simplified, but if you don’t want to know, don’t look!

It’s not painful, it’s not difficult, and you really will feel better once you get your system cleaned out.

I didn’t have any worms because I’d already done a parasite cleanse (a number of them) before I started Colonix and Toxinout. Terry has had just a few, not anything to write home about. Our systems are still very very different. My transit time is somewhere around 12 hours. His is quite a bit longer.

I always feel so much better after I dump a bunch of plaque. For whatever reason I’m dumping a lot of it right now.