Lisa in the Bronx

i saw your email address on the Dr Natura website and thought i would write to you. I have been experiencing divertiultitis, extreme (smelly!) gas, bloating, and other issues for about a year now. I am so frustrated I could cry. It is ruining my life! I went on the web to research what to do and came across this website. I am thinking of buying the Colonix program to try it out. I am afraid of anything that tastes gross or would make me have violent attacks of diarrhea because i have a one hour commute to and from work and I do not need to have bathroom urgencies while on the road. The product sounds tempting and i am desperate so any advice you can give I would truly appreciate.

I don’t think you can go wrong with the Colonix and Toxinout programs. They have made a huge difference in my husband’s health. He has a way to go yet before he’s really “fixed”, but he’s a firm believer that without these products he would continue to have problems with his condition. We really believe we will eliminate his problem instead of spending the rest of his life managing it.

As to the gas, we used to have multiple candles in the bathroom for Terry to light when he was in there, it smelled that bad. Now it’s hard to tell when he’s been in there as it no longer smells up the whole house. He still lights the candles, but fewer and more as a token gesture for times past.

I can’t see how you could possibly go wrong on this program. It’s working for Terry and I really do think it will help you as well.

It’s hard to get people to understand what a wonderful job these two products do, and frustrating when we tell people who really need to know and they don’t believe us. Because I have been trying to fix my problems for so long I have a point of reference for how well the Dr. Natura products work. I have done other cleansing programs and have been under the care of a person who specializes in getting the body well holistically, both with only marginal success. The Colonix and Toxinout program are the Evelyn Wood speed reading version of getting healthy. I have never run into anything like it.

My ears have stopped running, so the “incurable” yeast infection is finally going away. The change is wonderful. I have had itchy runny ears for over a year. My sinuses are finally clearing out. I have all the symptoms of a cold, but no cold. The sinuses that have been plugged are clearing. The margins on the granuloma on my arm are finally reducing.

Email me if you have any other questions. I’m happy I can help.

Thanks so much for your solid advice. I appreciate your taking the time to contact me. Take care and Good luck to Terry (the candles are a great idea!)

How are you doing? Are you making progress?

I just received the shipment so its funny you would ask…I started this morning!! I have a 1 hour commute in the am and as soon as I got to work, I had the fullest bm I have had in months!! WOW. (the increased water intake is also making me urinate alot more…I may need Depends! πŸ™‚ I will keep you posted.

<LOL> I was at the chiro’s office two days ago. His wife is a naturopath who works out of his office. I took a minute to tell her what I’d experienced and learned. The receptionist snuck around the corner to listen. In the whole disertation, the things they keyed on most from my experience were improved bladder control and improved bladder capacity.

You hang in there honey! Keep me posted when you think of it.

Thanks so much for your insight. I am on my 8th day and so far, so good. I have been feeling kinda funny…sometimes tired, sometimes crampy, and on one or two occasions, my bowels were a bit on the urgent side so I had to find a bathroom immediately. (i left church yesterday but i think i have to take the tea earlier the night before…what do you think?) I cut back on the tea a little bit. I have not had problems with the pills and fiber and I will take the tea a few times a week since i had the tendency to be kinda regular before I began. I appreciate your spending the time to email. i will be in touch!

I really appreciate you keeping me updated. If I keep the page with our emails updated on the site people have a better idea of how each person is doing. Plus, I worry and wonder, so knowing how you’re doing helps me as well.

I have occasions when my bowels get a bit urgent, but I really think it’s a management issue. I didn’t drink the tea one night, and only had one bowel movement the following morning, nothing the rest of the day. The next day (after being good and drinking my tea the night before) I had a couple times where I had to get to the bathroom right away. All the stuff that hadn’t moved the day before was again moving.

I drank my tea earlier last night. Instead of between 10:30 and 11 I drank it between 6:30 and 7. I got up to do my initial dump of the day when it was still dark. I don’t think I looked at a clock. If I did, I was too asleep to take note of the time. I’m going to try this for a couple days to see if I like this scheduling better. I’m doing it more for Terry than for me, because his peristaltic action isn’t good. It takes him longer in the morning before he’s ready for his initial dump of the day. I think so many years of diarrhea has impacted the strength of his peristaltic action, so it’s going to take longer for him to get the muscles working as they should. If he drinks his tea earlier he’ll have a longer period of time for the herbs to work while he’s horizontal, which increases the effectiveness of the peristaltic action (gravity isn’t working against the process).

I think once you get most of the largest volume of plaque and retained fecal matter out, your system will settle down to a regular rhythm you can predict. Mine and Terry’s has, as long as we do what we ought.

Well, things are going well. Today, my water intake was less so I have to concentrate on drinking more since I was not previously a water drinker. I have not seen anything totally gross yet but i did get a small rubbery thing one day! Just wanted to let you know that i am hanging in there. Thanks!

Thanks SO much for letting me know!

Rubbery things coming out is good!

Terry and I are doing really well. We have two weeks left. I’m continuing to lose weight and he’s continuing to heal.

is this your first, second or third month? Are you doing the toxinex and colonix together? If you are doing the colonix by itself i have a question…are you taking the Parasomething pills? I ordered them but are not taking them yet.

If you haven’t taken the Paranil, for heaven sake! Start now! <LOL> How are you doing otherwise?

I’m taking both Colonlix program and Toxinout program together. I didn’t have any problem, but have talked to people who were in bad shape and hadn’t done any kind of cleanse before, and both together was a bit tough to take. They were better off if they took Colonix (with Paranil) for a month or five weeks, then started the Toxinout.

I’m halfway through month three. I’m going to finish this month, then wait four months and do at least one month, maybe two again, then I should be good for a year. Too much damage and too much cleansing to think that 90 days will be enough. I probably should do a full six months, but I want my system to rest and see how I do.

Thanks very much. i am doing fine and i plan to begin the paranil asap. i appreciate your advice. Lets keep each other posted

Sounds like a plan! <hugs>

i am the biggest idiot!! I have been taking paranil since the beginning. I was trying to ask if you were familiar with FLORAPROTECT, NOT PARANIL!! I have been following the colonix program in total, paranil in the am, the fiber and the tea at night. I read recently that I should be taking the FloraProtect Probiotics so i just recently bought some. Have I messed up by not taking it? I am in the 22nd day of my first month. Sorry for the confusion…no wonder you answered me the way you did!! πŸ™‚ Thanks alot!

Yes, you should be taking the probiotics! They help your system by populating it with good bacteria. Very important! The FloraProtect is part of the Toxinout program, so when you get that program and add it to the Colonix program, you’ve got it!

How are you doing?

I did very well…i did 2 months…never saw anything TOTALLY gross. I didn’t do a third month because I went on a vacation for 2 weeks and didn’t want the burden of doing a cleansing while I was away. I have seen a significant change however and I plan to do a three month cleanse everyyear with Dr. Natura colonix.