I read your testimony on Colonix and I have some questions. But first, a little about my health. I don’t have any diagnosed issues, but I have had problems with diarrhea for several years. I have been taking a colon cleanse product for 30 days and am on my last 2 days. At the same time, I have been getting colon hydrotherapy weekly. Part of that process is to place a caster oil pack on my lower abdomen with a heating pad for an hour each of 3 days before the hydrotherapy.

Since beginning the treatment, the urgency of the bowel movements has increased and I am experiencing constant lower abdomen and lower back pain.

At this point I’m a little concerned. You’re doing nothing to get the toxins out and to remove the plaque. Hydrotherapy alone isn’t very effective . . . I speak from personal experience.

At the last hydrotherapy session, the therapist mentioned that I had some diverticulitis pockets. When I asked her what that was, she said it was pockets of fecal matter.

Here’s my understanding of the large intestine, how it works and why we get diverticulitis. I hope it makes sense to you. I could be absolutely wrong, but this is what makes sense to me.

Over time we build up plaque on the inside of our large intestine. We build it up in layers, like the layers of an onion. Things get caught between these layers of plaque. Plaque isn’t very flexible, and as layers are added it becomes less and less flexible, reducing the ability of the peristaltic action of the large intestine to work on the contents of the colon. This delays transit time (how soon what you’ve eaten comes out the other end) and causes things to rot and putrefy before they reach the other end. Hydrotherapy helps because it washes the decaying fecal matter from the large colon. It doesn’t do a stellar job of removing plaque, so it is, in my opinion and experience, only a stopgap measure in improving your health. It’s an important procedure for you right now because of the problems you’re having. It is probably keeping them from getting worse.

I think we get diverticuli when we get constipated and the extra pressure causes a split in the plaque, allowing fecal matter to get between the plaque and the wall of the intestine. If this fecal matter gets infected we have diverticulitis. (Without the infection I think it’s called diverticulosis. I could be wrong, have them switched around . . . ? You can do a search on diverticulitis if you need to know.) The split closes up and doesn’t let the fecal matter back out. This causes a bulge or pouch in the wall of the large intestine, further hampering peristalsis.

Until we can get the plaque removed, we’re stuck with the status quo. Hydrotherapy helps by keeping more plaque from building up, but in my opinion doesn’t do much to remove what’s there. I think hydrotherapy really helps the Colonix and Toxinout programs along by clearing out the pockets and fissures as the cleaning process continues.

In my need to understand, I did a web search and found the Colonix site. I have not experienced much of a result at all from this process so far and was discouraged. In reading the testimonies, I am even more discouraged, because it seems that I should have seen much more than I have.

Yes, you should. I know that’s depressing. I had exactly the same experience, but was on my second 60 days of WholeApproach’s yeast cleansing program with none of the results I’ve gotten in just 60 days of Colonix/Toxinout. The difference is amazing. AMAZING. This program is so well thought out. To try and take all the ingredients individually would be a nightmare. They’ve got things so intelligently blended it makes the program both easy and effective.

The good thing is, I can always change my approach to my health. So, my first question is, how urgent is the need to evacuate when it comes on? I have a commute of about an hour one way to and from work in a rural area. Pit stops are spaced out at about 20 miles apart. As I’m sure your husband has experienced, time is of the essence when you have to go. I have had times where I have had to pull off on a side road and go to keep from messing myself. I really need something gentle or something that I can take a week off to get through the initial blast, if you know what I mean.

Actually, I don’t think you’re going to have a lot of trouble. Terry gets concerned, but can manage his morning by getting up just a little bit earlier so he’s cleared most of the morning stuff from his system before he leaves for work. I’d recommend you start the program the day before a three day weekend, then you’ll have a good idea how much extra time you’ll need in the morning. I’d also recommend exercises that will help move things along in the morning and get everything cleared out before you leave for work. I’ve been doing these exercises for about 9 months and they help enormously. You can do these before you get out of bed or after you’re up. I like doing them before I get out of bed as the bed is infinitely softer than the floor.

Lay on your back. The goal is to snap your thigh toward your chest briskly. Keep your lower leg horizontal. Alternate legs. It’s a modified bicycling exercise. You aren’t making a circle with your legs, you’re snapping them to your chest and pushing your feet toward the foot of the bed. I do 80 sets, but when I started I could barely do 40. Start with what you can do. The goal is to see how far you can stretch your foot toward the foot of the bed and how hard you can bring your thigh up against your abdomen. In 80 seconds I do 80 sets.

I didn’t have diarrhea, I had constipation. With Colonix/Toxinout my bowels are moving so well now I sometimes have to stop partway through my exercises, go evacuate my bowels and come back and finish my exercises. Terry had diarrhea, which is gone now. His bowels aren’t yet working as well as mine and he usually takes an hour and a cup of coffee before he gets started clearing his system for the morning. He won’t do the exercises, so his process is a little slower. Different strokes.

Then secondly, and I realize you may not know, but is all the stuff that come out in the intestines? I figure it must be, because the tape worms and parasites would be washed away with hydrotherapy, but there has been no evidence of that, or much of anything to tell you the truth. I know there is baked on stuff that is hydrating that will dislodge from my colon, but it seems from the pictures, this is much more than that.

Tape worms can live in both your stomach and your small intestine, and other parasites hook onto the lining of your digestive tract. These, in your large intestine, probably won’t be washed out by hydrotherapy. They’re really firmly hooked on. The Colonix/Toxinout program uses herbs that aid the cleansing and increase peristaltic action, doing much more than hydroptherapy alone ever could.

I think for someone with diverticulitis it’s important to keep the colon as cleaned out as possibly. We have a setup at home for giving ourselves colonics (hydroptherapy) every three or four days. We also add stuff to the colonic water. Chlorophyll (kills bacteria and odor – great stuff) and colloidal clay (grabs toxins so they can be flushed instead of reabsorbed). If we’re feeling particularly sore, we’ll add distilled aloe vera to a final rinse as a soother.

Let me assure you, I am not asking for a diagnosis, just am asking for information on your experiences. Thanks for your willingness to share your story.

I hope what I’ve shared with you helps. Colonix and Toxinout have made a tremendous difference in our lives and our health. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks so much for the insight Nori. Is it necessary to do combine the Colonix & the Toxinout together? Also, could I put off the hydrotherapy for a couple weeks until I get into the Colonix therapy?

You can certainly not do the Toxinout, or delay taking it. You have to be the judge of what’s best for you.

I look at the way we live in our industrialized age and I have concerns about toxins and heavy metals in my body which can delay or stop healing and interfere with proper function. As industrialized people, we pump our own gas, change our own oil, breathe polluted air, spray chemicals on our yards and gardens and drink chlorinated water. We have amalgam fillings in our mouths. I don’t think doing without Toxinout is smart, but if your system is really toasted, delaying using it until the major cleanse is done might be smart.

This is just my personal opinion, of course.

I think you need to get the Colonix (and Toxinout) and get started as soon as you can. The hydrotherapy is keeping things cleaned out until you can get the Colonix working for you, so don’t stop.

How are you doing? Are you making progress?

I got the product yesterday and have just begun the journey. I am going to run the detox and the Colonix at the same time because I just finished another colon cleanse. I am thinking I have at least gotten a good start. I tried the tea last night and I felt like it charged me up instead of relaxing me, but I am not going to judge it on one night.

This two part system seems easier than the other one I was on, so I am happy with that. I am so looking forward to moving this back ache out and feeling a little better. I think the other product got it on the move, but I just couldn’t seem to get rid of the back pain.

Anyway, I have great hope that I will see wonderful results and I truly appreciate your interest.

If your experience is anything like mine you’ll have great results. I had no lower backache somewhere between two and four weeks, but it snuck away so I didn’t really notice it leaving. It wasn’t until we talked the first time I noticed it was gone. Do the exercises to help things move along and drop me a note every so often so I know how you’re doing.