Debbie S

I just finished reading your website. Wow! Very helpful and informative!

I am SO glad you found it helpful.

I am on my 4th week of colonix with GREAT results!! I also take the probiotics, but have not tried the complete toxin program yet.

After reading your website, I had a question. You mentioned the dangers of working with petrolium products. I have suffered with sinus and allergy problems for years. (Hoping the colonix will help!) When you mentioned the itchy, running feeling in your ears, I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about. I have that all the time. That’s from yeast? Who knew! Anyway, back to my question, Because of the chronically stuffed up sinuses, I always put vics vaporub under and in my nose at night so that I can breathe. So is this bad? Am I being even more poisoned because vics is a petrolium product???

No, don’t worry about Vicks. It shouldn’t be an issue. My concern is with petroleum products used in our autos. There’s a cancer connection to breathing diesel fumes, gas fumes, being in contact with used motor oil, breathing exhaust fumes. We accumulate toxins without a way to clear them out. Toxinout helps get them cleared from our bodies.

Lastly, how long did your detox symptoms last? I am still getting them. They usually come on fast, last 30-60min, and then disappear as quickly as they came. My detox symptoms have been: hives, migraine, body aches, cold sores and severe anxiety. The anxiety is the worst and takes the longest to go away. I hate it!

I SO know what you’re going through. It’s tough when your body gets so polluted it gives you fits as it’s getting clean. I can’t tell you how long the detox symptoms last because I suspect it’s different for each of us. If you’re only on your 4th week I suspect you have some time yet to go before you’re clear of them. I hope you can tough it out.

Today I have all the symptoms of a very bad cold, but I don’t actually have a cold. Sinuses are running like mad, big balls of mucous are being expelled from my sinuses. My throat’s sore and I sound raspy. Yesterday I slept a lot, today I haven’t had to take a nap, but the sore throat sucks. Terry has really sore knuckles and occasionally has bouts when he’s cold. Yesterday my knees and hips were very painful, today they’re fine. Last week I had hot flashes. For four or five days a week or so ago I had a rash on my tongue. I’ve had bouts of acne, and I’ve never been prone to that. No matter how bad it gets, I can stick this through because I know I will be massively better when it’s done.

Any time I have a bad bout of symptoms I celebrate. Even if I’m not sure where in my body the detoxifying is happening, I know it’s one more thing that’s going away and not coming back.

Hang in there. I’m sending as much positive thought your way as I can!

How have you been doing?

Thanks for asking. 🙂 Still going strong!!!

I’m in my 6th week, still having some detox symptoms occassionally, but not as severe. I can’t even remember the last time I took Sinus medicine and I used to practically live on it! Still passing what I believe to be parasites along with some “old” stuff every day. I’ve lost all desire for meat, so I haven’t eaten any since March 7th.-Tons more fresh raw fruits and veggies and trying to eat more beans for protein. I already didn’t eat sugar, and I exercise @4-6 days a week. I’ll weigh myself in a couple more weeks and see if there’s any change there, although my weight really isn’t much of a problem.(5′ 4″-129 lbs when I started.)

AND….I talked my husband into trying it for a couple of weeks!!!!! He could be poster child for toxic buildup and it’s accompaning problems. He’s on his third day of the program.

I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your encouragment!

Oh! That is just AWESOME! I’m SO happy for you! I know just what you mean! I used to live on sinus stuff until it started impacting my health. Since starting Colonix and Toxinout my ears and sinuses have stopped draining and I can breath through my nose again.

You go, girl! <happy dancing for you> I hope your hubby can stick with it to get all the way better!