Marie R

Thank you so much for the information on your site. I am in my second month of Colonix, I am very grateful to have found it. In my second month, I used Toxinout along with the Colonix, was NOT a good idea for me to do, I ended up in the emergency room.

Again, thanks for putting up your site. I appreciate it and am very grateful to have found it too.

You must have been very toxic for you to have had that strong of a reaction. I’m afraid I would have been in the same boat if I had not already been doing a fairly brisk cleanse before starting Colonix/Toxinout. I hope you’re doing better now. <hugs>

It’s kinda scary to get so bad you end up getting sick to get well. <hugs>

Perhaps the reaction I got is to my being so toxic. The place where I get my colonics, the owners who are a doctor and nurse, took the colonix and toxinout together and experienced flu-like symptoms. They too had to stop talking toxinout.
Thank you, I am doing much better.

LOL–I was telling someone — “Trying to get healthy is making me sick.”

How are you and Terry doing?

We’re doing really well! Thanks for asking! Terry had a toxic bout yesterday, and I’m battling a cold. I sound like a frog. Even Terry’s having a hard time understanding me. Other than that, we continue to improve every week, which makes us both ecstatic. My previously damaged stuff is still healing and I’m still losing weight. Terry can’t lose any more weight. He’s always been very skinny, but now he doesn’t look pregnant. He has stopped unfastening the snap on his jeans before he sits down and is fitting back in shirts he hasn’t been able to wear for years.

I do think your bad reaction was due to how toxic you are. It’s sometimes hard to battle through to “healthy”. Because I work from home and this is my slow time of year, and because Terry’s off work waiting on shoulder surgery, we don’t have to worry about making it to work if we don’t feel well and we can just forge through. Not everyone has that luxury.

There are a number of people who have had to stop taking Toxinout. Because I’ve been detoxing for so long I was at least partway there before I started Toxinout, so had a head start on the process. I hope the people who have to back off get back to detoxifying once they’ve completed the Colonix. It’s so important to detoxify so the system can heal itself properly. In my mind it’s better to take the sick leave now because you’re healing than take the sick leave later because you’re seriously ill.

I hope you keep me posted on how you’re doing. I’m rooting for you!