And this is where the story began . . .

Terry got really really sick and missed more than 8 weeks of work before he finally admitted something was wrong. It was a pretty terrifying time. This is the email I sent to our CNT when Terry first got so sick. At the point of this email I had been having ongoing conversations with her regarding Terry’s health.

I wanted to take just a minute to catch you up on what’s going on with Terry.

Terry’s had persistently worsening diarrhea for about a year, with it dramatically worsening in November. Even after stopping work at Thanksgiving his condition continued to worsen.

When Terry first went to see Barbara Gehrett (his doctor), he had a lot of abdominal pain, gas and diarrhea. She couldn’t find anything definitively wrong and sent him home with instruction to take Imodium. <sigh> (This is the first time she’s blown him off in the 20 years he’s been seeing her, but then he’s never gone to her with anything serious before.) The imodium made everything immeasurably worse because it stopped the toxins in the system from coming out, making him constipated and made the pain worse. MUCH worse. <shaking head at Doctor Gehrett> I hate it when doctors treat the symptoms instead of trying to figure out why the symptoms are there. I think the only thing that kept him going was the colloidal silver and clay I was dosing him with twice a day.

He called her to say he was worse, much worse and she scheduled him for a cat scan but, due to a snow storm which caused scheduling backups, the soonest they could fit him in was Feb 1, six days away).

At that point I started him on a liquid diet. It took me two days to talk him into letting me treat him for something wrong intestinally.

I got my Dr. Jensen book back from Cindy and started him on the seven day cleanse. I put chlorophyll in his first colema and he was vilely sick. Diarrhea and vomit were both black and vile smelling. By the end of the 2nd colema on the first day he pretty much had an empty system and was eying me suspiciously.

The second day was better, no vomiting or diarrhea, but he still wasn’t on-board my treatment-plan train.

Sunday morning (third day) I added colloidal clay to his colema and after the colema he got rid of a bunch more smelly black stuff  but he was no longer vomiting. By this point he had accepted what I was advising was working and he was on the train with me, actively helping get himself well. Every day since he’s been noticeably improving.

Today (Monday) he’s alert, bright eyed, feeding animals and doing the dishes and has regained his sense of humor. Abdominal tenderness is way down and his fat hairy cat is again allowed to lay in his lap. He’s got a couple more days to go before we’ll know for sure what we’re doing is completely backing off whatever was wrong. From the location of tenderness and swelling and the initial sickness when treated we’re pretty sure it included  his appendix. If the way he’s improving is any indication we caught it just in time. He was on straight liquids, but has now switched to a very light diet of fruits, yogurt, broths and juices and will stay on that diet through his cat scan. From there we’ll reevaluate.

Today (Monday) his morning colema had chlorophyll. Tonight’s was colloidal clay. The effluent had fairly yellowish chunks that were large pea/kernel of corn size. Tomorrow morning I’ll do flax seed tea in his colema water, then clay again tomorrow night.

There you go, the less than reader’s digest version of what we’ve been going through.

Because the Dr. Jensen Seven Day Cleanse is very arduous, and there was NO way I was going to be able to keep Terry on it for the full 7 days, I started searching the internet for a colon cleansing replacement and found Colonix and Toxinout on the Dr. Natura site. Throwing my heart over the fence in front of me, I order one of each, enough for each of us for 2 weeks. I knew if I did it with Terry, he’d stick with it. The results were nothing short of amazing for both of us, so I reordered. After just a short time on Colonix/Toxinout, I posted this testimonial on the Dr. Natura site.

My husband has had steadily worsening diarrhea for the last year. It got so bad he didn’t return to work after the Thanksgiving holiday. He was home for over 2 months before he accepted his problems were not stress related and he was not going to get better on his own. He went to see his doctor of 20 years, who put him on antidepressants and told him to take Imodium for his diarrhea. Terry’s problems got dramatically worse almost overnight. Now, instead of diarrhea, something was pressing on his ureter making it impossible to urinate while sitting, rectal pressure caused discomfort when sitting and his abdominal pain was intense. Within two days he was bedridden. When he called his doctor to report the change she scheduled him for a cat scan.

In the six days between making and keeping that appointment, we started a light version of Bernard Jensen’s 7 day cleanse, twice daily colonics boosted by a liquid diet which included distilled aloe vera (healing) and colloidal silver (anti-bacterial). By the fourth day he was a different man. His eyes were bright and his color was back, the pain in his abdomen had diminished to a bearable level and his bloated abdomen had reduced in size. He was able to drive himself to his cat scan appointment, 90 minutes away. The cat scan revealed Terry has diverticulitis. We had managed to get a handle on the infection, but we still had a significant problem to solve. We’d staved off the devil, but we were far from home free.

Because Terry was unable/unwilling to continue Bernard Jensen’s cleanse, a complicated liquid diet with fiber and pills 5 times a day with twice daily colonics, I needed something different, something that would do the same cleansing job but would be much easier to use. In my internet search on diverticulitis and colon cleansing I found DrNatura. After reading the testimonials and studying the products I order both the Toxinout and Colonix programs. Terry works in an industry where he is exposed to petroleum products, so the detox was a must.

We’ve been on the program for a month and the result is nothing short of miraculous. Terry’s energy level had gotten so low he wasn’t able to work. Shortly after starting the Colonix/Toxinout program he was working again, and when he’s not working he’s out doing things around the farm. I am amazed. His health and energy level continue to improve.

In reading the labels I was impressed with how thorough and well thought-out the program is. Whoever put this together really knows their stuff and has packaged it in a way that makes it easy to use. It does the same thing Bernard Jensen’s system does in a way that is easy to take. We are continuing the colonics, as it is very important to keep the area of the diverticuli clean, but we have reduced them to one every two to four days as needed.

I have heard so many horror stories about people with diverticulitis; surgery, special diets, continuous problems. Cleaning the large intestine and getting rid of the plaque, allowing the colon to heal properly, are, I think, key to eliminating this condition. Not managing it, eliminating it. When we’ve finished the 90 day cleanse Terry will go back for another cat scan to document the change. I expect to see a significant change.

I did say ‘we’ve been on the program.’ I have had problems with parasites.  I even had them in my blood stream.  I also had systemic fungus overgrowth. I have been working to solve those problems for the last two years. I had already done a parasite cleanse, and had been using [a different] colon cleansing program to try and rid myself of the intestinal plaque and related fungus overgrowth. Since starting Colonix/Toxinout programs I have noticed wonderful changes besides improved energy. Things in my body that were damaged are finally healing. The ankle I hurt 17 years ago no longer bothers me as much. Last week I hiked down to Queen Emma’s Bath and back and wasn’t lame afterward! This is HUGE! That I was actually able to hike the steep, twisty and rough trail was wonderful! That I was still walking on my ankle relatively pain free the next day is miraculous.

In the testimonials here everyone talks about the stuff they expel. In all the other colon cleansing programs I have done I have never had the level of cleansing Colonix provides. The plaque is coming out in big chunks every day, and every day I do a little victory dance for the progress we are making toward better health.

I have had an amazing number of people contact me regarding my testimonial on DrNatura.com. I find I’m repeating myself, telling the same stuff, answering the same questions. I don’t mind, but I get concerned I’m going to leave out some vital bit of information that will make a difference for someone. In an effort to make sure I cover everything, I have paraphrased things here, but have tried to keep the emails and responses in the right order.

Please take the time to read the conversations. Of the 50 plus people I’ve conversed with, there are a couple people who didn’t find the products helpful. I have included those conversations as well.