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Thank you for setting up a web page for all of your emails you have received from different people. I am emailing you only because maybe you will be able to help me out too. I have been on Colonix for 8 days now. I believe in this product a lot, but I don’t think it is working for me like it does for other people, even though I try not to compare. I have been using Colonix faithfully, and following instructions. I have never suffered from things like constipation and IBS (had been healthy in general), but since I started this product, I am having difficulty going to the bathroom, and when I do,it is somewhat uncomfortable. The first day I have 3 BMs, but now it slowed down to 1 small one if I am lucky. As I said, I never had problems with that stuff before because I was always regular without a help of Colonix. I cut down on my water intake to about 2 liters. I exercise faithfully and I have to admit that I noticed some increase in my energy level. If you experienced any of this symptoms during your cleansing, please share. Any ideas will be greatly appreciate.

Have you talked to support at If you haven’t, you need to do that first.

How much fiber are you taking? How long are you brewing your tea? Have you upped your paranil yet? Are you taking Toxinout?

Why did you decrease your water intake? Most people don’t drink enough.

Lots of questions . . . .

Thanks for your prompt response. I decided to decrease my water intake because I felt that I was drinking way too much. I usually drink more then others would consume on daily basis. I just love my WATER. This is probably the only beverage I ever drink. So, when I called to ask the Customer Support, they told me it would be a good idea to stay at 64 oz of water, then if I work out daily (which I do), add another 16 to that. So, I have been doing what they said. I have noticed that it doesn’t matter what I do with my water intake, I still have the same problem with constipation. I did upped my pills to 4, and I do brew my tea for about 10 minutes past few days. I will take your advice and give a customer support a phone call again, just to ask what they think about this one.

Let me know what they say. I think your problem is temporary and probably just needs a tweak or two to get it right for you.

Also, try the lay down exercises first thing in the morning. I know you’re really fit and get plenty of exercise, but I want you to do something that works your abdominal muscles and massages your colon without adding downword gravitational force and bouncing. I’m a little concerned you have a problem that hasn’t yet manifested. <wince> If the addition of fiber slows your digestive tract and reduces transit times there’s something going on and I’m suspecting it’s not something good.

Can I ask . . . have you had children?

I will try this also. Thank you…thank you so much!!!! It is so nice to have someone to talk to who actually done the whole program. You might be right, as far as I might have a problem or something. I do have 2 children. I am 28 years old. I am from Russia. I always believed that cleansing was good for you in general, I thought I would choose this program to help me along with my healthy life style. Plus, it was sure selling itself with all of these wonderful testimonials, including your own. I hope it benefits me as much as everybody else out there. I will not give up. I already have 2 month supply at home.

I talked to Colonix Customer service. They were really nice to me. They advised me maybe to decrease my fiber back to half-a-scoop and also told me to steep my tea for 6-10 minutes if I need to, so it will relieve some of my issue I am having. They told me to stick with 8-10 (8oz) glasses of water. They also said that sometimes it happens for the first couple of weeks, as your body trying to get used to it. I will steep my tea a little longer tonight, maybe it will do the trick in the morning. I will let you know what happens.

Here’s my concern, and the reason I asked about whether you had children (I have a son who will be 31 tomorrow).

In the old days women used to stay in bed for a number of days after they gave birth. This gave time for all the innards and the tendons supporting the transverse colon readjust to doing the support job they did before the baby took up residence. When women did get out of bed they donned a corset which helped keep all the internal parts in place where they belong. Archaic but effective.

Nowdays women get out of bed immediately. Most don’t have family or servants to take care of the minutia of everyday life and we (modern women) do nothing to support the infrastructure while it’s in transition back to the pre-baby state. We immediately go back to our daily activities without a readjustment period. As a result, some women (me included) end up with a prolapsed transverse colon. The transverse colon is the part of the large intestine that goes across our abdomen just below the ribcage. While we’re pregnant the presence of the baby supports this part of our large intestine. Once the baby’s gone there’s a big empty soft space and the tendons supporting the transverse colon have to do it with no additional support from the rest of the guts. They aren’t always up to the task. When the transverse colon prolapses it usually droops in the middle. The amount of droop can be mild to severe. Everybody I’ve talked to says it’s inoperable, so I’ve been doing other things to improved mine. I’m getting there. We’ll see how close to “fixed” I can get it.

I mention all this because when the transverse colon droops it causes the bend where the ascending colon (usually the right hand side) and the transverse colon meet to increase. So instead of being a right hand corner, it becomes a u-bend. Same for where the descending colon and the transverse colon meet. This increase in bend slows the passage of fecal matter, increasing transit times.

If you have a prolapsed transverse colon, and your system works anything like mine, the exercises should help. What they will do is massage your large intestine, helping to move the fecal matter through.

Yes, it does help. It makes a lot of sense. I work for IMed group of doctors, and we see people here with the same problem a lot. I will try to exercise and see if that helps. I did cut down on my fiber this morning. I feel a lot of cramping, but nothing yet. I will give it a try though.

Cramping is good! It means the muscles are working! Wahoo!

Let me know how it goes.