Bone Broth

If you have any digestive issues I’m going to strongly advise you incorporate bone broth into your daily diet. It is a natural intestinal repair kit that is easy to make and easy to incorporate into your daily cooking.

There are many recipes on YouTube and recipe sites on making bone broth. Ignore most of them. I do mean that. Refer, instead, to the health bone broth guru that advises no vegetables. You really only need a variety of cut up bones (joints and marrow), apple cider vinegar and filtered water. You don’t need vegetables (they get over-cooked and don’t add to the flavor). A few spices aren’t a miss. I use bay leaf and whole black peppercorn. That’s it.

Roast the bones for one hour on 400-450. This caramelizes the bones and improves the flavor. Pack the bones into a crock pot. Get as many in as you can. Drop in whatever spices you prefer, add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (organic is always best) and filtered water to cover the bones. Let the crock pot sit an hour. Turn it on low and ignore it for three whole days. If you see any undissolved cartilage on the bones, cook another half-day.

That is really all that’s needed to make bone broth. Once it’s cooled enough to handle, pull out the bones. Save any soft stuff (bits of meat, fat, etc.) for your pets. Put the bones into the trash. Decant into jars and store in the freezer until you need them.

As I write this I have a crock pot of bone broth cooking out on the porch. Cooking it indoors drives me nuts. I keep wandering off to sample the wares. I have an old toaster oven on the porch for roasting the bones so I don’t have to run a big oven for a small project.

If you can get the bones from a local butcher and not your local grocery store or meat market, it’s very expensive to make. You can use pork, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish . . . just about any bone that has cartilage and/or marrow. You can mix and match. One of my favorite is shrimp shells, chicken and pork bones. It’s a beautiful flavor with lovely health benefits and it enhances Wadly’s chicken soup.