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thank you for sharing your story on Dr Natura’s website – your story had mentioned parasites and wanted to ask you a couple of questions if you don’t mind.

Over the last year I was on and off antibiotics and about a month ago I noticed a strange sensation in my abdomen, it almost feels like something is moving around there (in two different areas). My thinking is that the antibiotics caused parasites. Oddly enough the doctor that prescribed the antibiotics did not mention the side effects nor did he suggest I take probiotics while taking them.

I went to my primary care doctor (this is a different doctor who did not prescribe the antibiotics) about two weeks ago and he told me to stop using the antibiotics and to take probiotics which should eliminate the problem. However, I still have this unusual feeling today. Well, nonetheless, my boyfriend recommended that I begin the Colonix program which I started 12 days ago and I have noticed other positive things but the “strange feeling” is still there. Along with the Colonix, I am taking probiotics twice a day.

My questions are as follows: since you have had experience with parasites, does it take a while for the Colonix program to eliminate them? Did you experience a similar feeling in your abdomen? Would you recommend that I return to my doctors and get on medication to rid my body of them or wait it out until my three month cleanse on Colonix is completed?

Thank you in advance for your insight!

Here’s how I understand the antibiotic cycle. You take antibiotics and it kills the bad bacteria, but it also kills the good bacteria in the intestinal tract that protect it. Antibiotics aren’t smart, and they can’t tell which are good bacteria and which are bad. If it’s a bacteria, it’s dead. With antiobiotics you don’t have any good bacteria protecting your digestive tract. That means no bacteria to keep the fungus that naturally grows there in check, no bacteria to fight bad bacteria, no bacteria to help you digest your food, break down your food, no good bacteria to keep the damage parasites do in check. All the good bugs are dead.

So now that you’ve killed off the good guys, your system is open to things that aren’t bacteria but are bad. Fungus is the biggest. It fills up the slots between the villa, impairing your ability to use the food you’ve eaten. If the fungus grows enough the pressure causes splits between the villa and food leaks through into your bloodstream. With the food goes the fungus and whatever parasites you’re packing. We all have parasites in our intestines, but they’re usually stuck in the intestines and can’t do damage anywhere else in the body. When we get leaky gut, our entire system becomes open to parasites and fungus.

If you must take antiobiotics, you need to take a really good probiotic.

Antibiotics don’t cause parasites, they remove the controls on parasites. Without the controls, they pretty much have free reign. Not good.

It can take up to 90 days to clear your digestive tract of parasites. The paranil won’t necessarily kill them. Those it doesn’t kill are stunned or numbed or anesthetised into losing their grip on the intestinal tract wall. They are then pushed out of the digestive tract by the fiber (very important stuff). You can have parasites trapped between layers of plaque which won’t be effected until that layer of plaque is gone. That can take some time, depending on how many layers of plaque you’ve got and how long it takes to get them gone.

It may not be parasites, but regardless, stick to the Colonix for 90 days. Take the Toxinout when you can.

I am daily amazed at how much I am improving. And it’s not just my body, things healing, things cleansing, it’s attitude. I feel emotionally stronger and more focused.

I hope I answered your question. I have a tendency to start and not stop!

your email was very helpful!

The strange thing is that I was tested for parasites a couple of weeks ago and my tests came back negative – I have heard that you don’t necessarily need to have a positive test to confirm that you have them as their eggs may not have been released.

I called Dr. Natura today and ordered another month of the Colonix that way I can complete three full months and ordered a two month supply of Toxinout. Additionally, when I start my second month I am planning on taking the Colonix and Toxinout together. Although, I have heard conflicting stories on how to do the programs – the last person I spoke to at Dr. Natura recommended taking the Toxinout during my second month on Colonix.

It’s very encouraging to hear that you are feeling better – I just keep telling myself to be a little more patient and hopefully I should see stronger results soon.

It helps if you know what you’re looking for, and it helps if you can actually delve into what comes out to see what’s there. Because we do colonics we can run what comes out through a colander. I’ve learned a lot from that. As Terry’s gotten better he’s had less of the grisly looking stuff from inside his diverticuli. I’ve only had a couple instances of that, and to a much less degree than Terry has as I’ve been doing fiber and colonics longer. We’ve both had fecal matter that looks almost petrified it’s been there so long, plaque, mucous and debris. Some of the stuff isn’t identifiable unless you stick it under a microscope, and many of the parasites are very small. All in all you can delve into it deep enough to really gross yourself out if that’s what you need to do. You have to investigate to the level you’re comfortable.

I’m past the point I have to look at everything other than a quick look before I flush. I know I won’t see worms. I had managed to killed them off before I found DrNatura.com. For me, if it floats it’s got plaque in it. If it sinks it’s so old it’s petrified or so new it hasn’t started producing gas. If I have a lot of gas I know something’s broken free and has exposed something yucky and a colonic is called for.

Listen to your body. It will tell you if you’re on the right track. Keep me posted on how you’re doing and yell if you have questions or comments.

thought I would update you on my progress (let me know if you are not interested and I will discontinue my emails!).

I had a follow-up visit with my doctor yesterday as a result of me experiencing heart palpitations – it’s rather strange that they’re accompanied with some gas and was wondering if this could be as a result of the parasites or just a side effect of the Dr. Natura program? Also, do you know if the Paranil helps eliminate parasites throughout the body or is it just limited to the intestinal tract?

On another note, the strange feelings that I had experienced in my abdomen area have subsided a great deal!

Please do keep me updated on your progress!

The paranil will help remove parasites in other parts of your body, if you have them there. Whether your palpitations are caused by parasites I couldn’t say, but I’ve certainly heard of stranger things! The paranil will kill the parasites, and it will take some time for them to be eliminated. Once they’re dead they are no longer sending out the same chemical signals which effect your body, so that’s a major plus. Before I found the Colonix program I had taken a couple other anti-parasitics. One is a trio with wormwood (Paranil has that) and clove (Paranil has that) and black walnut husk (Paranil has that). The other was Rascal, which is great on tapeworms, and Paranil has a number of the same ingredients there as well. It takes time to kill these little suckers off.

I am more inclined to believe the gas is caused by things putrifying in your intestine. This will come and go as you go through the cleanse. I notice I have gas when plaque breaks free exposing toxins and old fecal matter, and quits as soon as all the exposed yuck is eliminated. It usually only lasts a day at the most.

I hope this helps. I hope you’re able to get started soon!

I’m headed to the doctor tomorrow as a result of the heart palpitations – we will see and will keep you posted.

Quick question, how did you know that you had parasites – could you feel them or were you tested?

I was tested by my CNT, not a MD.

What did the doctor say?

My dr. confirmed that I have heart palpitations (very small though) he believes that I have a gastro issue going on (which could be causing the palpitations) and has suggested that I see a gastro specialist. He also told him to stop taking the Colonix (which I did) and to take Benefiber. Benefiber doesn’t have the same impact as the fiber in the Colonix program! I still feel the strange movements in my gut and to be honest I miss taking the Colonix. I am struggling if I should begin taking it again, along with Toxinout or should wait until I see the gastro specialist?

It’s funny how all these medical doctors think colon cleansing is very dangerous. To date, I have been lectured and advised against taking it by my primary doctor and my gynecologist. My gyno told me that there is no way that I have parasites and that antibiotics could not contribute – she said that the low dosage antibiotic that I was taking is not a broad spectrum and couldn’t be the issue??!!!

I hope that things are well with you and Terry.

Gosh, I don’t know what to say. I’ve had such horrible experiences with doctors, so have a tendency to discount what they say when it conflicts with what I know works. It took me forever to find the answers for my health issues because they couldn’t help, but that’s my experience, not yours. You have to make the decisions for you. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

You need to do what you think is best for you. I’ll be thinking about you. Please stay in touch and let me know how you’re doing.

I haven’t heard from you in a while! How are you doing? Have you completely stopped taking the Dr. Natura products? How is your health? Have you stopped having palpitations?

I was thinking of you this week and was going to send you an update. Your sweet for being concerned about me – thank you!

Well, I have been to see both a gastro doctor and an infecticious disease doctor and to date both find my symptoms a little strange. I just saw the infecticious disease doctor this week and he took some blood – he basically said that what I am feeling is in my head and it will eventually go away. I am also scheduled for a colonoscopy at the end of the month. My heart palpitations have improved quite a bit.

I am still taking the Colonix program (on my third month). I called them yesterday and they said that sometimes it takes longer than 3 months to eliminate things out of the body. There was a period in between my second and third month that I stopped the program for a couple of weeks and hope that it didn’t mess me up. I am also concerned if my body has become immune to the Paranil?

I just have to ask when you had parasites did you feel them – I know you mentioned that you had also had them in your blood stream. Now, I have movement in my chest and sometimes in my arms (not just limited to my gut anymore). I am tempted to go and see a naturopathic doctor – I know you said that you ended up seeing a CNT that cured you. Is a ND going to prescribe the same stuff that I have with Colonix – I have never been to that type of doctor before and don’t know what to expect?

I am just more concerned now because I recently became engaged and will be married sometime next year and want to start a family. I really want to make sure that all checks out OK. I just can’t believe that doctors have an “it’s in your head” approach to things.

How are you doing and feeling? Drop me a line when you get a chance and if you have any other advice that you can share that will help with my very frustrating situation, that would be great!!!!

I’m so glad to hear from you! I emailed everyone. Some have had lots of improvement, some quit before the program had a chance to work for them.

Dontcha hate it when you get the “in your head” bit from doctors? Drives me absolutely nuts.

Are you off wheat and soy? Also cane sugar or anything with cane sugar in it . . . at least for now. ? Use Agave Syrup if you need a sweetner.

I took a number of things to get rid of the parasites, and it took about 8 months. I have the ones in my blood on a video. Yuk. I took Rascal . . . that worked pretty good, but that was only one of three or four things. I’ll look next time I’m at the health food store and see what else I took. I’m back on Quercetin to keep my intestines working properly.

You shouldn’t be feeling the parasites unless they’re gigantic. I’m more inclined to believe you’re having muscle cramps or changes from detoxifying. In your intestines it might be hard lumps of stuff moving from place to place. Cleansing should help that. See if you can find a CNT who does kinesiology. It may take a bit to find a good one.

Keep me posted, please. I’m thinking about you.

I was tested for wheat allergies and it was negative. I drink soy every day with my Colonix fiber actually!