Lisa, Bronx

I just read your story. Amazing and congratulations.

I tried Colonix back in August and it worked wonderfully for me. I lost my ‘belly pudge’ and all in all, I felt wonderful. No indigestion, no aches and pains – just felt much healthier.

I only did one month.

Earlier this month, I decided I needed it again. I was starting to feel sluggish and knew what my body needed.

This time I am quite disappointed. The tea doesn’t taste the same – it tastes almost like a strong mint this time. Last time, after waking in the morning, it was 30 minutes before I needed to use the facilities. This time I have gone 2 days in a row without going. I am also experiencing a large amount of cramping when waking in the morning. I drink a large amount of water every day normally and have continued this with the program this time, but to no avail.

Do you have any suggestions?

Why did you only do one month?

Could the results you had last time be because the more superficial wastes were passed and not the ingrained waste? Could that also be why it’s taking longer this time, because it has to dig deeper to get the more encrusted stuff and it doesn’t have the initial purge as a leaping off point?

If I were to offer any advice it would be to employ patience. Colonix isn’t a quick fix program, it’s a good fix program. If you haven’t done Toxinout and you can, consider adding that program to what you’re already doing. I think getting rid of the toxins we were packing has greatly improved our ability to heal.

I have another ~ five weeks to go. The quality of the plaque I’m passing is slowly changing and I feel better every week. I thought, because I had used another cleansing product before finding Colonix, my cleanse would go more quickly, but that hasn’t been the case. I’ve come to realize this program takes a pretty set amount of time for most people, which is the full 90 days. I’m not there yet, so can’t speak to the full process. Terry and my results seem to be nearly identical, yet our systems are very different.

I hope I’ve helped.

Just finished my first month.  No spongy or rubbery stuff to report!  I am in the first week of the new month so I am not taking the tea or pills in the am.  I am not going to the bathroom fully as I was when I was on the tea and the pills and that concerns me a bit because my excessive gas is back!  I am hoping that my body learns to go regularly and completely naturally.  I do plan to take the colonix fiber continually since before the cleanse I used metamucil. But, I like colonix much better.  How are you doing?  I have my whole family, my aunt, best friend, my sister in law, my two cousins and a co-worker all doing the cleanse.  They all like it even though all are having very different results so far.  Well, i will keep you posted.

Where did you read you were supposed to quit taking the tea?  I don’t remember reading anywhere that you were supposed to quit the tea . . . ?  If I’m remiss in reading something I should have, please let me know.

I know what you mean about the “not cleaning out”.  I have a part of my rectum that’s stretched and fills up and presses on my bladder.  It’s getting better, but I have to manage it carefully, sometimes allowing my bladder to fill to the point of moderate discomfort to push the contents of the stretched bit to where it can be evacuated.

I notice there is a significant difference in how my body manages the waste process from before I started Colonix/Toxinout.  The method now is hugely better, much more efficient and is continuing to improve.  I still have a couple niggly little things, like the spot in my rectum where the muscles lack sufficient elasticity to fully evacuate the content.  I think, for me, part of the process is to understand what’s going on so I can assist my body’s progress toward better function.  I’m fortunate in being able to do a colonic when I feel I’m not getting fully emptied out.  That, for me, has helped tremendously.  I’m fully confident the Colonix/Toxinout can do it without the colonics, but I’m a fairly impatient creature.  I wanna be better NOW.

It says when starting your 2nd month, refrain from taking the tea and the pills for five days, then resume on the 6th day. I hope I read it correctly. I am almost 100% sure that is the case.

Overall, I feel great and most important is the fact that i feel like i am in charge of my health which really makes me feel good. Even my personal trainer said she sees a difference in my energy level.

I remember only the Paranil is supposed to be stopped for 5 days. ?? If found the instructions and finally read them closely and you’re right. 

I get warm fuzzies when I hear people say they are feeling better and more empowered. You go girl!