I would like to know how long were you on the program before it started to work. I have been taking it two weeks now and I am going very little I have been in contact with them and they said lessen the fiber or drink more water. soak the tea or use two tea bags so confused any help would be appreciated

For us, the program started right away, but you have to understand where we started from. Terry had 24/7 diarrhea, which we’d mitigated with Bernard Jensen’s 7 day cleanse before he started Colonix, and I’d been on 90 days of a fiber based fungus cleanse which was very slowly removing the fungus but doing nothing for the plaque. Because we had a jump start, we had results the second day.

If you’re starting from scratch, it may take a while before you see the difference. It might help for you to know how the program works. Here’s what the different things do, according to how I understand things.

The first thing you take is a parasitic which anesthetizes or kills the parasites so they let go their hold and can be pushed from your system by the fiber. Anything strong enough to kill all the parasites at once would be so strong you would be very ill, so slow and easy is the key here. It takes time, and the Paranil can only kill the parasites it can reach. Those that are buried between layers of plaque don’t get expelled until the plaque is stripped away. The fiber collects up the stuff that’s been released and pushes it out. That’s why it’s important to take the Paranil, then wait 15 minutes before taking the fiber before eating or drinking anything else.

If you’re taking Toxinout things may go a little more quickly because there’s more going on. Regardless, you should still see really good results with the Colonix. Toxinout helps pull toxin, chemical and heavy metal buildup and flush it from your system. There’s occasionally flu like symptoms with Toxinout. There are two other components of this program, Detoxigreen and a probiotic. These help cleanse and support the body during the detoxifying. The probiotics are especially important because they help boost/replace any good bacteria that’s lost in the cleanse. Even if you aren’t taking the Toxinout program, a good probiotic is recommended.

The Kleritea helps improve the physical function of the large intestine and helps disconnect the plaque from the inside of the colon. It has herbs which help in the cleansing process and others which increase the peristaltic action, the wavelike muscle action which pushes the contents of the intestine down the colon. The stronger you brew the tea, the stronger this action will be. This is something that must be individually adjusted. If the support staff has advised you to cut your fiber down to 1/2 scoop and increase the time your tea is brewed, that’s what you should try.

If you have a lot of plaque buildup and the peristaltic action of your large intestine is compromised, your transit times will be really slow and you will have a very slow start. It will take time for the cleansing to have a profound enough effect that your transit times can be reduced to ~ 24 hours. You can test your transit time by eating a small can of corn and watch for it to come out the other end. That will let you know how long things are taking.