Maple syrup and baking soda

I have systemic fungus (candida). I have been fighting it for years with not much hope of any relief. Since taking MMS and maple syrup and baking soda I've greatly improved. Trying to take the maple syrup and baking soda mix as a semi-liquid SO doesn't work for me. There's no way I could do that every day. This is my answer - cook it until it's the consistency of hard candy. Here's how I do it.

Adding the ingredientsMeasure 1 tablespoon of non-aluminum baking soda and 3 tablespoons of maple syrup into a pan. I use a six inch skillet as it's easy to stir with a fork. A deeper pan would be harder to consistently clean the bottom of the pan during cooking.

On low, the mixture will start to get fizzy. Keep stirring.

Then it will get really fizzy.

And start to change color.

I don't own a candy thermometer. I judge the "doneness" of the cooking process by stirring down the fizz.

Looking down on the teflon sheet with the mix scraped into the fold. Get your teflon sheet folded in half diagonally and propped up into a valley before you start cooking and have a teflon spatula ready to scrape the mix into the fold. I use a hot pad to handle the pan.

In position to work the mix along the fold - use a rag to protect your hands from the heat as your work.

The instant it cools enough to separate from the teflon sheet, start working it into a thin rope.

I'm taking too much time, stopping to take pictures so my rope is rough and of unequal size. <wince>

Use scissors to cut the pieces into dosage sizes. Pinch the ends to round them. You'll have to work REALLY quickly. You can make them smaller to make them easier to take and plan on taking more than one.

Only one of these is the right size. To get consistency in size and shape takes working quickly when the mix is ready.

Store them in a sandwich bag with cornstarch or arrowroot flour. Seal and store in the fridge.